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Immigration Attorneys in Miami

Persons who want to immigrate to MiamiUSA, or who are living in this country and are interested in receiving their citizenship here, should know that this process may take some time in order to be fulfilled. Our team of immigration lawyers can provide you with the legal framework under which your particular case can be handled, according to American legislation. 

Below, we invite you to discover our main services and to find out how our immigration lawyer in Miami can help you relocate to the USA based on a suitable visa. We offer tailored assistance to foreign citizens from all over the world who want to move to Miami or any other US city. We can also help if you want to apply for US citizenship.


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    The main types of visas available for immigration to Miami, US

    Foreign citizens interested in immigrating to the United States with the purpose of moving to Miami have several choices with respect to the visas they can apply for. They must pay attention to the fact that the immigration reason must be the same as the type of visa applied for. Among the visas available for moving to the USA we mention the following:

    1. the A-type visa which is issued to government officials (for 3 sub-categories of such officials);
    2. the B-1 and B-2 visas which are issued to foreign citizens coming to the US on a temporary basis;
    3. the C visa issued to aliens in transit to other countries which is also available for several categories of foreign citizens;
    4. the D visa which is issued to the personnel of vessels leaving and entering the country on the same or other vessels;
    5. the E visa which is available for traders and foreign investors interested in making substantial investments in the US;
    6. the F visa which is available for study and academic purposes, but also for spouses and underage children;
    7. the G visa which is issued to foreign representatives of governments and international organizations;
    8. the H visa which is issued to foreign professionals from various industries coming to work in the USA;
    9. the K visa which is issued to fiancés and children of fiancés coming to the USA.
    Quick Facts  
    Entry visa requirement (YES/NO)

    YES, visas are required for people seeking to stay in the US more than 90 days

    Types of visas available


    Visas are divided into non-immigrant (temporary work visas, student visas, visit visas) and immigrant visas (fiance, spouse, investor visas)

    Time frame for obtaining work visa (approx.)

    The minimum timeframe to obtain a work permit is 7 months
    Support in employment immigration (YES/NO)

    YES, our immigration lawyer in Miami will help you apply for a work permit

    Ways to obtain a
    Green Card
    Employment and family reunification
    Assistance in obtaining a Green Card

    YES, if you want to immigrate to Miami, our lawyers can help you apply for a Green Card

    Family immigration support (YES/NO)

    YES, for close and distant relatives

    Assistance in renewing immigration papers (YES/NO) YES, our immigration lawyers in Miami can help you renew your documents to remain here
    Support in immigration-related court hearings (YES/NO) YES, our attorneys can assist in various court matters
    Sponsorship requirement for family members (YES/NO) YES, family reunion implies having an American Green Card holder or citizen as a sponsor
    Personalized services based on country of origin (YES/NO) YES, we offer case-to-case assistance
    Entrepreneur visa availability (YES/NO) YES, the EB-5 visa
    Availability of services in other areas around Miami Our immigration lawyer in Miami can help you relocate to Doral, Homestead, Kendall and other surrounding areas
    Deportation defense (YES/NO) YES, we offer deportation defense services
    Other services Support for asylum seekers, assistance in preparing and filing the documents with various immigration authorities, acting as representatives in different matters

    The list of visas available for moving to the USA can be completed by our immigration lawyer in Miami who can also provide all the information and conditions related to obtaining them. Most visas also enable foreigners to apply for USA citizenship.

    You can find out more about the reasons to immigrate to Miami from the infographic below:

    Why Immigrate to Miami

    Foreigners interested in moving to another country, for example immigrating to Canada, can receive assistance from our reliable partners – Canada-Immigration.Lawyer.

    Services provided by our immigration lawyers in Miami 

    Our immigration attorneys can provide you with a wide range of services, related to immigration in Miami and citizenship legislation. Although it is not compulsory to hire a lawyer when applying for a visa or for American citizenship, it is recommended to receive legal advice; our US immigration lawyers can analyze your case and recommend the most suited option; they can also verify if the documentation for immigration or citizenship is faulty and they can also represent you in a court, if it may be needed. 

     Our immigration lawyers can provide you with assistance in the following situations: 

    •    Employment immigration – the Green Card is issued under the Immigration and Nationality Act; this green card is divided into several categories, which are awarded according to the level of expertise of the applicants; our immigration attorneys can help you receive your labor certification, issued by the U.S. Department of Labor.

    •    Green card issued for marriage purposes – available for persons who are seeking to relocate to the USA and who are married to an American citizen. The US legislation provides two types of marriage Green Cards, based on the legal status of the spouse living in the USA (citizen/permanent resident).

    •    H-1B visa – issued for highly qualified professionals; the process of receiving such a document may request the assistance of our immigration lawyer in Miami

    •    Family immigration – the visa is issued for the family members (children with ages below 21 years old, spouse, adopted child, parents) of American citizens or permanent residents and our Miami immigration lawyers can assist with more details;

    •    Citizenship – our immigration lawyers in Miami can help you through the naturalization process, as there are a few stages that are compulsory and which require a set of documents;

    •    Asylum – you can request legal assistance from our team of immigration attorneys in Miami if you are seeking refugee or political asylum;

    •    Deportation defense – our immigration lawyer in the United States can act on your behalf if you are involved in a deportation case, but you should know that there are several situations in which legal defense is allowed under American legislation.  They can also represent you in bond hearings in Miami.

    Immigrating to Miami from various countries around the world

    The immigration rules differ from country to country and this also applies to foreign citizens from various states seeking to immigrate to Miami. For example, those moving to the US from the UK will be subject to different requirements than those relocating here from the UAE or Australia.

    With a vast experience in immigration matters, our lawyers in Miami are here to provide tailored assistance no matter the country of origin of the applicant and to provide the necessary support with the visa application procedure.

    Our lawyers are specialized in various types of immigration procedures depending on the reason for immigrating to Miami and the visa the candidate needs. In order to know the particular situation that applies to your case, we kindly invite you to discuss your case with us so that we can find the best solution for you.

    Immigration services in sub-urban areas of Miami

    Not all foreign citizens feel comfortable living in large cities, which is why those who are interested in benefiting from a quieter town can rely on our immigration services in areas like North Miami, Homestead, Hialeah, Kendall, and Doral.

    The same services available for the city of Miami are also available in these towns and they can benefit from the attention of our specialist when preparing to move here. Moreover, they can also obtain valuable information and details on the particular aspects of living here.

    Florida is a large state and it offers great opportunities for those who want to immigrate to the US, however, due to the lengthy procedures and variety of visas available require the attention of specialized lawyers who can support applicants from all over the world in their endeavors.

    Our lawyers are here to answer all questions you have and guide you in the right direction when it comes to the procedures that must be completed after moving to Miami or near this metropolis.

    Green Card in Miami, U.S. 

    The Green Cards issued by the American authorities can be obtained at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the main institution which can provide this type of visas. Foreigners can obtain a Green Card in the US in the following conditions: 

    •    Green card for family purposes;
    •    Green card for employment purposes;
    •    Green cards issued for refugees and asylum seekers.

    If you want to immigrate to Miami, it is important to know that the American authorities can also issue Green Cards in other conditions, which are provided in the next situations: 

    •    Diversity Immigrant Visa Program;
    •    K Non-immigrant;
    •    Legal Immigration Family Equity (LIFE);
    •    Special Immigrant Juvenile Status

    The Diversity Immigrant Visa Program is available for the citizens of the states which have a low degree of immigrants in Miami, U.S. The Program is comprised of 50,000 visas awarded on an annual basis. The selection is random and it falls under the regulations of the U.S. Department of State

    Under the LIFE program, foreigners who are currently living in Miami, U.S. through a labor certification application or an immigrant visa petition may obtain the right to an American Green Card. It is important to know that the above-mentioned documents should have been obtained prior to 30 April 2001. 

    Those who have received the Green Card in Miami, U.S., will need to renew the document at a specific date. Green cards can be issued for a period of 2 years (and in such cases, they can’t be renewed) or 10 years (the holder will be required to renew the document). 

    You can also count on us for guidance in applying for a residence permit in USA.

    Assistance in immigrating to Miami based on employment

    Employment is one of the most secure ways of immigrating to the USA, therefore to Miami. Even so, the help of an immigration attorney in USA will be essential when it comes to the preparation of the documents to be filed with the authorities. Also, it is important to understand that compared to other countries, there are several types of visas issued for temporary work. Among these, the H visa has several subcategories, among which the H1B visa is available for highly specialized migrants, and the H-2A, and the H-2B visas are granted to agricultural, respectively temporary workers during the non-agricultural season. The H1B1 visa is available for citizens of Singapore and Chile. There is also the L1 visa which must be obtained by intracompany transfer of foreigners with management and executive roles.

    Considering the types of visas presented above, it is of utmost importance to know the exact visa you need to apply for in order to not be rejected. Our immigration lawyers in Miami can represent the chance for a successful application.

    In case you want to immigrate to the United States, we invite you to watch a short video that presents the main legal services offered by our law firm:

    Assistance in business immigration to USA

    Miami is not only a great city to live in, but it is also a great business destination thanks to the opportunities businesspersons can access here. There are several types of visas under which foreign entrepreneurs can relocate here, and among them, we mention the EB-5 preference immigrant visa which is issued to those who want to move here based on a significant contribution to the economy.

    The EB-5 immigrant visa can be obtained under one of the following conditions:

    • an investment of at least 1 million USD in a new company;
    • 500,000 USD in special areas with low employment rates;
    • the creation of 10 full-time jobs.

    The last condition applies to both investment options, and our immigration lawyer in Miami who specializes in business immigration can offer more information on the requirement of the EB visa category.

    There are several conditions to be met apart from the investment ones when applying for an EB-5 visa for investors in the US and among them, the most important are:

    • the applicant must file Form I-485;
    • the applicant must be physically in the USA when applying for the visa;
    • based on the above-mentioned form, the applicant is vetted and accepted for remaining in the US;
    • the candidate is accepted as a foreign investor under Form I-526 which is accepted by the USCIS.

    Applicants of EB-5 visas are allowed to move to the US with their spouses and/or children under the age of 21. Also, the children immigrating to Miami cannot bring their spouses based on the derivative visa if they are married.

    If you want to immigrate to Miami based on this visa, our lawyers are at your service with detailed information on the entire procedure. They will also explain all the requirements and documents that need to be duly completed in order to be admitted to the US under this program.

    Immigration to USA is available under many forms, however, for a successful application, one needs to know the visa category he or she is best matched with and this is where our lawyers can assess the immigrant’s application and offer personalized consultancy.

    Sponsor visas for family members moving to Miami

    Florida is one of the states that has a great number of foreign citizens legally living in the USA, therefore sponsor visas are in high demand. This is another field our lawyers are specialized in. We can help those interested in immigration to Miami through this option. The main visas available for family members of foreign citizens established in the USA are the F2A and F2B visas for families of permanent residents, such as spouses, minor children, and unmarried children who have reached and exceeded the age of 21. Then, there are the IR5 visa and the F3 and F4 visas, for parents of US citizens, respectively married children and brothers and sisters of US citizens.

    Since we mentioned that Florida is one of the most important immigration centers in the country, here are some statistics on immigration:

    • 20.2% of the population of the state was made of immigrants – in numbers, there are 4,1 million foreign citizens living in Florida at the level of 2015;
    • Cuba with 22.8%, Haiti with 8.3%, and Mexico with 6.8% are the top countries from where immigrants are;
    • at the level of 2016, 2,5 million citizens in Florida had at least one immigrant parent;
    • 53.7% or 2,2 million immigrants were naturalized as US citizens in 2016.

    Legal representation in immigration offenses provided by our lawyers in Miami

    Some persons take other legal paths to immigrate to Miami which is why they end up having issues with the Florida authorities. Our lawyers can be of assistance to those involved in the following unpleasant situations:

    • bond hearings;
    • deportation;
    • detention;
    • court actions related to immigration

    Our immigration lawyers in Miami will put in all their efforts to obtain the reopening of deportation proceedings in order to help defendants in the court of law. We can also help you file appeals with the Immigration Board, where the case requires it.

    Any questions you have about offenses related to immigration can be answered by one of our USA lawyers who can also offer legal advice to those who face such problems.

    Post-immigration services in Miami

    Once moved to Miami, clients can continue to benefit from legal assistance related to registration with various authorities and information about the timeframes of certain procedures. Also, those who are about to have their visas expire can also rely on our lawyers for guidance in renewing them. We can also support those who have recently immigrated to Florida and want to support other family members in moving here.

    No matter the type of problem you have or the information you need, our immigration attorneys in USA can assist. We offer tailored assistance in applying for a residence permit in USA.

    Why choose our immigration law firm in Miami?

    ImmigrationLawyersinMiami.com can cover a wide range of legal matters, related to employment in the American market of foreign workforce, obtaining one of the visa types available here, citizenship matters, as well as refugee and asylum seekers’ immigration procedures. Our immigration lawyer in Miami can provide legal assistance on the procedures available here and can help foreigners with their relations with the local immigration authorities. 

    Foreigners who want to immigrate to Miami, US, are advised to study the regulations imposed by the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) before applying for a specific visa.
    Our immigration attorneys have the education, knowledge and experience to deal with all types of immigration issues in the U.S., having a broad range of successful cases. 

    Our immigration attorney in USA can offer legal assistance on numerous immigration matters, such as: 

    • provide legal representation for deportation matters;
    • provide legal representation for foreign citizens who are charged with a certain offense that could have a negative impact on their immigration application;
    • naturalization services;
    • citizenship services, available for foreign citizens who were granted the Green Card;
    • obtaining employment visas. 

    Our lawyer can offer in-depth information related to the immigration regulations applicable in Miami, US, as well as specific rules of law issued for foreign citizens, based upon their country of origin. 
    For example, in the case of Cuban citizens, the immigration procedures related to family-based visas are performed following the provisions of the Cuban Family Reunification Parole Program. 

    Our well-prepared immigration lawyers in Miami can help you arrange your applications and petitions, as well as advise you on the best course of action which should be taken at interviews with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  

    Do not hesitate to ask about USA citizenship, if you are interested in permanent relocation here.

    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about immigration to Miami

    Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about immigration to Miami we come across from our clients.

    What is a visa?

    A visa is a photo i.d. granted outside of U.S. borders that enables you to enter the U.S. on a temporary or permanent basis. There are two main kinds of visas:

    •    immigrant (permanent residency) visas, also named green cards, that enable you to live and work for an indefinite period of time in the U.S.; and
    •    non-immigrant visas, which enable you to live and/or work in the U.S. for a definite period of time. 

    If you apply from inside the U.S., you might be granted a non-immigrant status, not a visa. Only a visa allows you to enter the U.S. For example, if you wanted to travel outside the U.S. with a valid status, you would have to reapply for a visa in order to enter the country again. 

    Is it possible to bring my family to the U.S.?

    It is one of the most frequently asked questions about immigration in Miami. The answer is yes, most commonly by making a family-based petition. This generally requires having a U.S. citizen or permanent resident relative who would be the petitioner in the case. Depending on who the relative is and what the relationship is, the process might be shorter or longer.

    Another option is an employer-based petition, in which an existing or potential employer could make the petition on your behalf.

    A temporary option could be a tourist visa, for which the member of your family applies at the U.S. Embassy in their country of origin. Our US immigration attorneys can give you more details on this subject.

    How can I acquire a visa in the U.S.?

    There are different means to acquire a U.S. visa, however the most common is by an employer sponsor based in the U.S. or a family member who is a citizen of the U.S. Most work visas necessitate that you have a firm job offer from a U.S. company before making the application. If you are a highly skilled worker, it might be easier for you to find a job in the U.S. than if you are an unskilled professional. If you are persecuted in your country, it might be possible to acquire refugee or temporary protected status.

    Years ago, I received a charge for a crime. Is it still possible for me to receive the U.S. citizenship?

    Yes, however it depends on the kind of crime committed and how much time ago it was. If you have a criminal record, before applying for citizenship you need to consult with an immigration lawyer in Miami to determine eligibility.

    How can I obtain citizenship if I work in the U.S. army?

    It is possible for foreign persons to obtain American citizenship if they are employed in the U.S. army. It is also important to know that the family members of the persons performing military services for the U.S. army can obtain American citizenship. 

    If you are employed in the U.S. army or in other similar institutions, such as the U.S. Navy or the National Guard, you will be required to apply for a visa at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), as long as you have been working in the American institution for minimum one year (during peacetime conditions). 

    What happens if I abandon my residence in Miami, U.S.? 

    Immigrants in USA who have received their Lawful Permanent Resident Status and who abandon their residence can lose this status if they have been living outside the country for an extended period of time. It is necessary to file a form at USCIS in the case in which the person decides to abandon the residence on a voluntary basis. 

    Am I required to pay taxes in USA if I have received a green card? 

    Yes. Persons who are the recipients of a green card in Miami, U.S., have to pay taxes here. This means that you must file for tax returns at the Internal Revenue Service, following similar procedures applicable to American citizens. 

    If you need further information on the immigration services provided in USA, please contact our team of immigration lawyers in Miami for consultations. We can also help you apply for a residence permit in USA.