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A lot of people who want to immigrate to the United States can grow inpatient with the legal process involved, which many times appears to concentrate more on rising obstacles rather than assisting them to accomplish their lawful objective. Our immigration lawyers in Miami are able to place the focus on the right aspects: your own objective, be it acquring an investor visa, a permanent residence, living permanently in the country, being issued a nonimmigrant visa which can allow you to enter or remain inside the United States, avoiding deportation or becoming a citizen of the United States.

The aspects of the immigration law that we practice in Miami

Our Miami immigration lawyers practice in all aspects of the immigration law, comprising the following:

•    Defending foreign citizens in the proceedings of removal or deportation from the U.S.;
•    Representing aliens in immigration custody;
•    Defending foreign citizens against criminal charges which could influence their immigration status;
•    Assisting Green Card holders in applying for naturalization and citizenship;
•    Attaining Green Cards for family or employment;
•    Acquiring religious worker visas.

Dedicated immigration lawyers in Miami

Our team of immigration lawyers in Miami is committed to pursuing our clients’ interest with concentrated attention and aggressive actions. We are aware that each individual case is unique and demands a particular strategy. Therefore, we put all our efforts in every single case as if it was our own personal one. Our attorneys are passionate and well-informed about every aspect of family-based immigration and employment-based immigration, being able to handle all complications that could lead to delays. 

For more details about our immigration services or for an initial evaluation of your case, please contact our immigration attorneys in Miami.