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Bringing Siblings to Live in the U.S.

Bringing Siblings to Live in the U.S.

The American legislation provides numerous legal documents through which those interested in immigration in Miami may relocate here. Persons who have siblings living in another state can apply to bring them to Miami, U.S., but only in certain conditions. For example, one of the most important regulations refers to the fact that the applicant must be a U.S. citizen. Our Miami immigration attorney can offer more information on this matter and the ways in which family members can be brought to live in U.S. We will also help them apply for a  residence permit in USA.

Eligible candidates in Miami, U.S. 

According to the regulations available at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), a person may apply to bring his or her sibling in the United States of America when the individual has an American citizenship. At the same time, the applicant should have an age of a minimum of 21 years old. 

sibling refers to the brother or sister of an American citizen. It is important to know that persons who have received permanent residency in Miami, U.S., are not allowed to bring their sibling to live permanently in the U.S.  He or she can then apply for USA citizenship.

Our US immigration lawyers can assist in bringing siblings to this country.

Those who arrive in the United States with a green card and have been married for less than 2 years are awarded CR1 (or Conditional Resident) visas. The granting of these visas is “conditional.” The recipient and their U.S. citizen spouse must submit an application to have the conditions on their green card removed two years after arriving in the country. Contact us for information about this type of US spouse visa.

The E visa allows the investor and his or her family to reside in the United States during the amount of time that the Department of Homeland Security has permitted for their stay. This type of US investor visas are nonimmigrant visas, thus those who have them are only permitted to reside in the country as long as the circumstances behind their issuance are still in effect.

The video below offers further details on how to bring siblings to live in Miami, U.S:

The regulation stipulates that the U.S. citizen may apply to bring his or her sister/brother to live on a permanent basis in Miami, USA, as a holder of a green cardOur immigration lawyer in USA can offer more details on how to obtain a green card in USA.  This is the equivalent of a residence permit in USA.

There are several advantages of obtaining a Green Card for the USA. Among them, gaining access to public and private high schools and colleges is available for those who become lawful permanent residents of this country. Contact us for more information on the rights associated with this type of visa.

Form I-130  

The process of bringing a sibling in the U.S. starts with the petition of the American citizen, who can act as a sponsor for the future owner of the green card. The sponsor will need to submit the Form I-130 and a legal proof on the fact that the applicant and the sibling are related through at least one parent

Furthermore, the sponsor will need to provide more details attesting his or her quality as an American citizen

Those who are interested in this procedure should also know that the adopted siblings can also apply for a green card through their American brother or sister. Also, the regulation is still available if the sponsor and the siblings are related through a step-parent

We invite you to contact our immigration lawyers in Miami for legal advice on how to bring a sibling in the U.S. We can also advise on how to apply for USA citizenship.