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Citizenship/Naturalization Lawyers in Miami

Citizenship/Naturalization Lawyers in Miami

The process of receiving the citizenship in United States of America requires several mandatory steps, which have to be fulfilled by the applicant. Our team of experienced immigration attorneys in USAcan provide you with assistance on immigration and naturalization issues and can represent you in the American courts, if you are involved in a citizenship or immigration case

Why choose the help our naturalization law firm in Miami? 

Although it is not compulsory to hire a naturalization lawyer when applying for the USA citizenship, we strongly advise you to ask for legal assistance from a professional immigration law officeOur naturalization lawyers in Miami can represent you in the relationship with the local authorities from which you must receive various licenses and can explain how the naturalization process works.  

Our Miami immigration lawyers are familiar with the legislation applicable under the Immigration and Nationality Act and they can assist you to apply for U.S. citizenship, as well as in any other issues related to naturalization

Firstly, in order to obtain the USA citizenship, you must verify if you are eligible for receiving this legal statute. A foreign citizen can obtain the citizenship in the United States if the person qualifies under the requirements established by the Immigration and Naturalization Act

Foreigners can receive the American citizenship under specific conditions. The most common ways refer to the following: 

•    The person has received a green card for Miami, U.S., for at least 5 years at the time when the holder applies for citizenship.
•    The holder of a green card is married with a U.S. citizen. The spouse visa in the USA can be obtained by foreigners who are married to American citizens. Both spouses need to meet specific requirements, however, the US national will act as sponsor, therefore, will be subject to additional conditions. Among these, ensuring appropriate housing and support for the foreign spouse once arrived in the United States. Based on this visa, the immigrant spouse can qualify for permanent residency later on.
•    The green card holder is a representative of the U.S. army.
•    The applicant is the child of an American citizen

Our lawyers can offer you advice related to the naturalization process for married persons, family citizenshipspouse visas, residency applications, but also on applications related to political asylum or deportation defense

The video below also offers a useful insight on how our US immigration lawyers can help you obtain citizenship in the USA:

Naturalization process in Miami  in 2022

If you are interested in obtaining th USA citizenship in 2022, you should know that you must fulfill several requirements, as stated by the local legislation. In order to become a citizen of USA, you must have lived here for the last five years and make the proof that you have received the right to permanent residency on the American territory. If you are married to an American citizen and you apply for the citizenship, you must have lived in the USA for at least three years.

It is also compulsory to know the English language, the American Constitution and American history; when applying for citizenship in 2022, you must take an oath of allegiance. You also must make the proof that you are the owner of a Green Card

The naturalization process starts by filing the Form N-400 (Application for Naturalization). As a general rule, the person should meet several criteria, as mentioned above, but it is important to know that the age is also relevant, as the applicant should have at least 18 years old. 

How easy it is to obtain US citizenship in 2022?

Foreign citizens established in Miami can apply for US citizenship if they meet the requirements imposed by the law in 2022. Also, these must prepare for the citizenship interview.

At the level of 2022obtaining the USA citizenship by relocating to Miami is not different from relocating to any other state or city, and our lawyers can explain all the requirements and help them prepare for the interview.

If you have any questions or uncertainties about US citizenship in 2022, do not hesitate to discuss with our immigration lawyer in the United States.

If you need further information on USA citizenship, please contact our team of naturalization lawyers in USA for assistance or legal representation. In case you need to obtain a certain type of visa, for example a transit visa for the US or an investment visa in Miami, our immigration lawyers can help you.