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Doral Immigration Lawyer

Doral Immigration Lawyer

Miami is surrounded by several towns and sub-urban areas in which foreign citizens can move, live and work without having to keep up with the business of the large city. Doral is one of the locations that best fit tor those seeking to immigrate to USA but live in a less crowded town.

Below, our immigration lawyer in Doral explains the services we can provide to foreign citizens moving here as well as the main reasons for which one should choose this location. You can rely on us for complete services related to immigration to Miami. We can also assist with the residence permit in USA, if you want to apply for it.

Services provided by our Doral immigration lawyer

If you are looking to immigrate to Miami but are not attracted by such a large city, you should consider Doral which is just as developed when it comes to facilities, and as one great advantage: it is located in the proximity of the Miami International Airport, which has created many business opportunities and jobs.

No matter the reason you want to move here, these are some of the services you can obtain with our Doral immigration lawyer:

  1. advice on the visas available for US immigration and detailed information on Florida immigration regulations;
  2. personalized legal assistance in choosing the visa associated with the reason for immigration;
  3. document preparation and verification in order to skip any misunderstandings in the immigration process;
  4. guidance in obtaining the US Green Card under an employment contract or spousal support;
  5. assistance in moving to Doral for work, family reunification, or any other type of visa;
  6. legal support and representation in less fortunate cases such as visa refusal and deportation and detention for immigration reasons.

These are just a few of the services you can rely on our immigration lawyer in Miami for, but if you have any questions about a particular situation, you can ask our lawyer in Doral. We will also guide you in applying for a residence permit in USA.

The main services provided by our immigration lawyer in Doral are presented in the infographic below:

 Doral immigration lawyer

Assistance in moving to Doral

The US has one of the most extensive immigration legislation in the world, which is completed by the large number of visas that can be obtained by foreign citizens. While this is a great advantage as it favors immigration for various purposes, it can also be confusing when not knowing the visa to apply for.

Our Doral immigration lawyer is here to clarify all these aspects, but most importantly to help you select a suitable type of visa for your situation. This means:

  • choosing the right type from the beginning, this way you won’t be turned down by the authorities in relation to your immigration status;
  • assistance in putting together the documents required for immigration, including the forms you need to fill out in accordance with the type of visa you apply for;
  • guidance on the filing and processing timeline, as well as periodical updates where the case requires;
  • company verification in case you will move to Florida based on an employment contract (in certain cases, employers must meet specific criteria);
  • expat support when moving, such as assistance in drafting rental or lease agreements and registration with the tax authorities in Doral.

One of the most important aspects our Doral immigration lawyer can offer support for how to choose the right type of visa. This will help your case by reducing waiting and processing times. Also, if any document is missing from your application, our lawyer will make sure to announce you in time during the due diligence process before submitting the papers with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Our immigration lawyers in USA will handle each case individually, so all applicants benefit the opportunities this country has to offer. USA citizenship also enters the attention of our lawyers in Miami.

Why choose our Doral immigration lawyer?

When dealing with immigration to Miami, you will need legal support from a lawyer in order to obtain the required visa in due time. Our Doral immigration lawyer can be your guide in understanding how the legal system works, detailed information on the visa processing time, as well as assistance in relocating here and getting acquainted with your rights as a US resident.

Also, our lawyer will answer all your questions and unclarities about moving to the USA.

Why move to Doral

Doral is one of the most important business centers in the Miami area thanks to being close to the Miami International Airport. This can be translated into:

  • a total population of more than 70,000 persons (a higher number of residents compared to cities like Homestead and Hialeah);
  • more than 30,000 companies in the logistics sector which means many employment opportunities;
  • the most spoken language here is Spanish (80% of the population speaks Spanish);
  • 25% of the persons living here have Venezuelan descent.

For assistance in moving here and obtaining USA citizenship, please contact our Doral immigration lawyer.