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Exceptions to the Naturalization Requirements in U.S.

Exceptions to the Naturalization Requirements in U.S.

Although most of the regulations applicable to immigration in Miami are very clear and have to be followed according to the requirements, the local authorities also provide several exceptions. In this sense, we mention the naturalization exceptions, which are available for specific situations. Our immigration attorney in Miami can offer an in-depth presentation to those who can qualify for such matters. 

Age exceptions in Miami, U.S.   

Persons who have a certain age are exempted from the English language requirements which are usually applicable to all other types of citizens interested in naturalization in Miami, U.S

For example, persons who are 50 years old or more enter into this category, as long as they have been the direct beneficiaries of a permanent residency status in USA for the last 20 years. The same regulation is available for persons applying for naturalization who have an age of 55 years old or above. However, in their case, they should offer proof on the fact that they have been permanent residents for the last 15 yearsOur immigration lawyer in USA can offer more details on this aspect. 

The above-mentioned situations do not provide exemptions from taking the civics test, but the test can be granted in the native language of the applicant. 

The video below provides more information on the exceptions to the naturalization process in Miami, U.S.:


Medical disability exceptions  

Physical disability or mental impairment also offers several exceptions from the naturalization requirements, which refer to the English language and the civics test aspects. In order to benefit from these exceptions, the applicants will need to offer clear evidence on their situation from a specialized doctor, depending on the particularities of the case. The applicant interested in immigration in Miami is required to fill Form N-648, Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions

Feel free to discuss with our immigration lawyers in the United States about the exceptions.

Exception on the continuous residency in Miami  

Persons who have applied for American citizenship are required to have a continuous residency in the country. However, an exception is available in the situation of those who are involved in overseas employment

In order to receive citizenship in Miami, U.S., foreigners must have a continuous residency in the country for at least five years prior to starting the procedure. 

Persons who want to receive further information on the above mentioned exceptions are welcome to contact our immigration lawyers in Miami.