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FAQ about Immigration Bail Bonds in Miami

FAQ about Immigration Bail Bonds in Miami

Our immigration lawyers in Miami have extensive experience with immigration bail bonds. We know they represent quite complex and scary processes, therefore we made a list with a few of the most frequently asked questions about immigration bail bonds in Miami.

What is an immigration bond in Miami?

An immigration bail bond in Miami is needed to secure the discharge of a person who is detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). In other words, a Miami immigration bail bond is an insurance bond that represents a contract between the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the foreign citizen who is being arrested, and the party posting the bond.

When a person who is not an U.S. citizen is taken into custody by Customs Enforcement he or she has the option to be released on bond. An immigration bond in Miami is an amount of money that proves that the detainee will present at the following hearings. Also, a person who was released on bond has the right to remain in the state while his immigration case is solved.

In case you got detained by the immigration authorities in Miami you should know that our immigration lawyers can help you throughout the process and obtain the best outcome for your case. 
An important matter in bond hearings in Miami is that a person must be eligible for applying for a bond release. 

Who is a candidate for an immigration bail bond in Miami?

Any person who is a foreign citizen or a legal permanent resident in the U.S. and was detained by the ICE qualifies for an immigration bail bond application in Miami

How much does an immigration bail bond cost?

Immigration bail bonds in Miami differ from the standard State or County bail bonds. Because of the higher risk involved in an immigration bail process, they require a higher premium. The premium needed on all immigration bonds in Florida is 15%. Furthermore, a certain form of collateral will be required, as well. Generally, this is collected through cash or property. There are, however, different choices available. An immigration lawyer in USA can offer more details on what these other options consist of.

How much does it take for an immigration bond in Miami to be issued?

According to immigration laws in the U.S., if someone is detained for a crime, there is a bond established locally that has to be posted. After this happens and there is a hold from the ICE, the person in question has to remain in custody until the ICE extradites him or her to an immigration detention facility. Then, it might take maximum of three days for the individual who is being detained to be issued an immigration bond in Miami, if such a possibility exists. 

Our Miami immigration law firm can advise in such matters.

When is a person not eligible for bond hearings in Miami?

A person detained for an immigration offense should know that he or she may have the right to a bond order, but this depends on the particularities of the case. Also, some cases, like your status in the country or the reason of your detention, may lead to extended imprisonment as long as your removal proceedings last. Below you can see some cases in which a person is not eligible for bond hearings:

•    You entered in Miami without legal documents and without presenting them at the border;
•    You are detained with the classification of “arriving alien” which means that you are not an U.S. citizen, but you’ve made a trip outside U.S. and you are returning illegally again in the state;
•    You are a noncitizen and you also committed serious offenses like crime, drugs possession, fraud, etc; 
•    You are a noncitizen and you are threatening the national security of the state and you are involved in activities like espionage, terrorism or attempts against the government.

In case you need an immigration lawyer due to the fact that you are detained and you want to be released on bond in Miami, you should know that our team of local lawyers will help you obtain the desired outcome. 

We invite you to get in touch with an immigration attorney in USA for more questions on the immigration bond in Miami or if you need legal assistance with this type of process.