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Homestead Immigration Lawyer

Homestead Immigration Lawyer

Foreign citizens who want to immigrate to Miami do not have to relocate to this large city, but to one of the urban locations surrounding it. One of these cities is Homestead which located close to Miami and to the Everglades National Park.

Moving to this city can require the assistance of a Homestead immigration lawyer who can explain the types of visas one can obtain here, as well as the other regulations to respect after moving here.
Our immigration lawyers in Miami are at your service with complete support in moving to Homestead.

Services provided by our Homestead immigration lawyer

Those interested in immigration to Miami and chose to establish themselves in Homestead can rely on professional services in order to make the transition as easy as possible. Here are some of the services offered by our Homestead immigration lawyer:

  1. advice on the types of visas one can obtain for immigration to Florida, USA;
  2. legal assistance choosing the visa associated with the immigration purpose of the client;
  3. document preparation and verification before filing with the immigration authorities in Florida;
  4. assistance in obtaining the Green Card if the client qualifies for permanent residence;
  5. assistance in becoming a US citizen upon meeting the requirements for this status;
  6. legal support in unpleasant situations such as visa refusal and deportation and detention for immigration reasons.

Our Homestead immigration lawyer will provide tailored assistance in accordance with the country of origin of the client considering that in some case-specific requirements apply.

In order to enable qualified foreign investors to become lawful permanent residents, the EB5 US Investor Visa Program was established. Simply put, if you invest in a U.S. company, you can obtain a green card. For this purpose, however, you must meet specific requirements that can be offered by our local law firm.

What is the easiest way to immigrate to Homestead?

There is no recipe that can lead to immediate immigration to Miami and those who are interested in moving here can obtain valuable information from our Homestead immigration lawyer who, based on a case-to-case basis, will be able to assess the options for each person.

There are various types of visas under which one can move to the USA, and one of the best news in this sense is that this country has one of the largest variety of visas under which nationals from all over the world can emigrate to Miami, Florida or any other state.

As a foreign national who wants to immigrate to Homestead, there are various legal ways to achieve that. Among these, we can mention the following:

  • employment;
  • business;
  • family reunification;
  • as a fiancé or spouse of a US citizen.

No matter the option selected, our US immigration lawyer can verify if you meet the eligibility criteria for the respective visa.

Foreign wives of US nationals and legal permanent residents do not immediately acquire immigration rights in the US, according to the immigration laws. They must submit the proper application to the immigration authorities in order to obtain permission to enter or remain in the US. The process of acquiring a US spouse visa can be entirely explained by our immigration specialists.

How to choose an immigration lawyer in Homestead

Immigration to Miami is not difficult when one has a good lawyer at his side. When choosing a Homestead immigration lawyer, a foreign citizen must pay attention to his or her qualifications and experience. Being proficient in the type of visa one is interested in is also important, however, a good lawyer will be able to handle any case.

Special attention should be paid, however, when choosing an attorney to assist in more complicated situations, such as visa refusal or detention for deportation purposes.

Our immigration attorneys in Miami have the experience to handle all the situations mentioned above so that clients do no feel abandoned when they need it the most.

Based on your US Green Card, you can petition for citizenship after 3 years, if you are married to a citizen of the United States or after 5 years if you are not. You could obtain conditional permanent resident status if you recently got married to an American citizen. If you are in this situation, do not hesitate to contact us for support.

How long does it take to immigrate to Homestead?

No matter the type of visa a client qualifies for, he or she must be prepared for a rather lengthy immigration procedure, as there the number of visa applications is overwhelming.

The lengthiest phases of the immigration procedure imply the processing of the immigration papers of clients, however, when handling the procedure on one’s own, the process can prolong for a few more months. With the help of our Homestead immigration lawyer who will carefully verify the papers and keep in close contact with the authorities, the procedure will be easier and will remain within the timeframe forwarded by the immigration authorities.

Why should you immigrate to Homestead?

Not all people like to live in large cities such as Miami, however, those who are attracted by Florida and looking for more quiet cities will find Homestead more than appropriate.

According to the Local Administration of Homestead, this city offers a small-town atmosphere in which one can quietly live and work.

According to more data:

  • the city is made of a population of no more than 67,500 individuals;
  • the median age here is a little over 30, which makes of the “youngest” cities in Florida;
  • 35.6% of the persons living in Homestead were born outside the US;
  • the majority of the population living here is made of Hispanics (more than 38,000 persons).

If you are interested in moving to Florida, please contact our Homestead immigration lawyer if you want to relocate to this city.