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How to Move to USA from Europe

How to Move to USA from Europe

Millions of people seek to immigrate to other countries every year and many of them try to enter the United States and start new lives, which is often the case of citizens from European countries. Luckily, many of these states have good economic connections with the US thus, the relocation procedure is not complicated as long an immigrant applies chooses and applies for the correct type of visa.

For those who wonder how to move to USA from Europe, our immigration lawyers in Miami can present them with the main options. Furthermore, we will also guide citizens of European countries to choose a suitable type of visa.

What to consider when moving to USA from Europe

Many persons ask themselves how to relocate to US from Europe the fastest way possible, however, they must consider a few important aspects, among which:

  1. their countries of origin, as in some cases, the US has special programs in place with certain European countries,
  2. if they have other family members living in the United States, case in which they can qualify for family reunification visas,
  3. their qualifications if they want to move to the US and work for companies here,
  4. if they want to start their own businesses, case in which they can apply for investor visas.

Also, the United States has a good economic relation with the European Union, and citizens of these countries can relocate here under immigrant visas if they are highly skilled migrants. Moreover, for citizens of Schengen countries, simple visa procedures are available for short-term visits to the US.

Another important aspect targets non-EU citizens who live in EU countries and who must comply with the requirements applied in their home states when immigrating to the United States.

If you are seeking information on how to move to USA from Europe and obtain the right type of visa for your case, for example the spouse visa for US, you can obtain the necessary details from our immigration lawyers in USA.

How to get a green card for the USA, this is a common question our immigration lawyers  get often. Foreign citizens are aware that a green card permits them to live in the country permanently. If they meet the requirements, our specialists can help them file their applications and obtain the much-desired residency document.

Types of visas for immigration from Europe to USA

Individuals interested in how to immigrate to US from Europe can apply for various types of visas, among which:

The best part of immigrating from a European country to the USA is that for most of the categories of visas presented above a Green Card can be issued upon arrival. Compared to Europe, the US awards permanent residency easier when meeting the eligibility criteria. This is one of the main reasons for which many citizens are interested in how to move to USA from Europe.

If you want to immigrate to Miami, our lawyers are at your service for guidance in obtaining a Green Card or any type of visa, including the spouse visa for US.

How to obtain a US Green Card as a citizen of a European country

The United States has embassies and consulates in most European countries which is why the immigration procedure must start there except for cases in which the foreign citizen has a US sponsor who must initiate the process here, in the USA.

Employment and family reunification are by far the most sought channels for European immigration to the USA and for this purpose, a sponsor is required.

The procedure on how to relocate to United States from Europe in order to obtain a Green Card will imply the following steps:

  • find the suitable type of visa and file the application with the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS),
  • if a sponsor is required, the sponsor who can be the employer or family member must start the procedure,
  • once the application is approved, an immigration interview is scheduled,
  • after the interview, the accepted applicant must file the documents required to obtain the solicited visa.

What should be noted by those who want to know how to move to USA from Europe is that only a limited number of employment visas are issued per year which is why it is recommended to start the application procedure at the beginning of the fiscal year which in the US starts in autumn.

Our immigration law firm in the United States is at the service of citizens who want to move to the USA from all European countries.

Moving from the UK to USA after Brexit

One of the most recent changes that have occurred at EU level is Brexit (UK’s leaving the European Union) which has affected the migration requirements for UK citizens to EU states. However, this change does not have any effect on UK persons who want to move to USA, as there is no agreement in place between the USA and EU in this regard.

British nationals who want to immigrate to the US must complete the same procedure as they did before Brexit. This means that they need to apply for suitable visas based on their qualifications or reasons to relocate.

They can apply for one of the immigrant or non-immigrant categories of visas depending on whether they want to stay in the US for limited or unlimited periods of time. It is also possible for UK citizens to migrate to the USA based on family reunification visas that are not capped at a limited number per year.

Should you need advice on how to proceed in order to obtain US visas as nationals of the United Kingdom, you can rely on the support of our immigration law firm in Miami.

We can also help Irish nationals who want to move to the USA.

Relocating to USA from a Schengen country

The Schengen area comprises 22 countries that are members of the European Union and which have abolished border controls among each other. The states have enabled a common visa policy under which free travel at the countries’ common border has been enabled.

There are several Schengen countries that have enabled separate agreements with the USA under which US citizens can freely travel and stay in Europe for up to 3 months (90 days) through the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) which should become available in most European countries by the end of 2022.

In the case of citizens of Schengen area countries, most of them have visa-free travel agreements with the USA. However, starting with 2021, the list of countries that no longer require tourist visas for their citizens who want to travel to the US has been expanded to 39.

What should be noted is that in the case of those seeking to immigrate for more than 90 days to the US a visa is required. The same applies to those who want to apply for permanent relocation to the US – they will need permanent residence permits.

If you decide to move to the USA from a European country and need advice, you can request the specialized services offered by our lawyers in Miami.

How to move from Germany to USA

Many European citizens decide to move to USA on a yearly basis, usually, because of the multiple opportunities, these find in matters of employment. There are also cases where students have entered exchange programs and have felt attracted by the lifestyle and freedom offered by the US.

This is also the case of many German citizens who decide to leave their natal countries and establish themselves in the USA. They can choose between various types of visas and apply for permanent residence permits and move here for indefinite periods of time. Germans are known for their excellent qualifications which recommend them for good positions within American companies.

The procedure of migrating to USA from Germany starts with the US Consulate in Frankfurt, where various documents must be submitted in order to be granted a visa.

German citizens can apply for temporary or permanent residence permits for the USA on their own, however, they can also use family reunification as a means to move here, provided that they have close relatives who can support them during the first months of their stay in the States.

When seeking to move to USA from Europe, there are various facilities in place for German citizens, among which choosing specific visas for skilled workers, as many of the applicants who choose to move here are. Moreover, Germany and the USA have very good economic relations, with numerous German companies operating through branches here. One of the options available in this case is intra-company transfers for German employees.

German citizens who want to relocate to the United States from Europe can choose various cities they can live in, however, it is worth noting that there are around 44 million American citizens of German descent here. The largest German communities in the US are in states like Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Ohio, Kansas, Montana, and Pennsylvania.

However, these can also decide to take advantage of the possibilities and resources available in Florida and use the immigration services provided by our law firm in Miami.

Moving from Northern Europe to USA

North European countries are known for their advanced education and healthcare systems, but also for the high quality of life which is why their lifestyles are very suitable to those in the US. This also the reason why many citizens of Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland decide to move to the US every year.

These can use the same routes as any other citizens around the world and they can choose for immigration through employment, business, or family reunification.

It is possible for entire families to move to USA from Europe, including from the countries mentioned above. These can apply for Green Cards if at least one of the family members obtains employment or an entrepreneur visa for the US.

When choosing to immigrate to US from Europe, there are various aspects to consider as the living and financial conditions are different on the two continents. The laws are also quite different which is why it can take some time to adjust to the new regulations.

If you decide to immigrate to USA, our lawyers can offer post-immigration support, such as registering with various authorities, obtaining social security numbers and health insurance, and even choosing a suitable place to stay.

Comparison between the US and European real estate markets

The first thing a foreign citizen looks for before actually moving from any corner of the world to the US is real estate, as they will have to secure their own places to stay.

From a construction point of view, on both continents, persons can rent or buy studio apartments, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments and various types of houses, depending on the number of family members who will live in the respective household.

While in Europe, most people will choose small houses, it is possible to buy larger ones in the US, depending on the city or town persons decide to move to. It is also quite common for most US residents to live in suburban areas.

When it comes to prices, these are quite different compared to the European market and they usually depend on the state and city, or better said the distance from the largest city the house is located in.

In Florida, Europeans will find plenty of places to live in both in Miami and in suburban areas that are just as developed as the main city. Distances are easy to overcome, as the State has one of the most developed infrastructures at a national level.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our immigration lawyers in Miami for details on how to rent or buy a property here.

What is the simplest way of immigrating to USA from Europe?

Moving to the US from Europe does not imply any special procedure compared to the requirements applicable to countries from other continents. The simplest way to relocate from any country is by applying for a Green Card, which is possible to obtain by employment or by family reunification.

The procedure is a little bit different for the two types of residence permits, however, with the support of our lawyers, they can be completed without problems.

No matter the way you decide to move to USA from Europe, our lawyers can explain the entire procedure and can help you draft the documents and direct you to file them with the US embassy or consulate in your home country.

Following the preparation of the paperwork, you will need to schedule an interview for the visa.

Why choose Miami to move to the USA

Florida is also known as the Sunny State because of year-round hot weather and Miami is one of the American cities most foreign citizens dream about. The infrastructure and the beaches are among the most important reasons to retire to Miami, for example. For young European individuals, Miami offers many employment opportunities, as well as business possibilities for entrepreneurs who can create startup companies from which they can have a good lifestyle.

If you need more reasons to move to Miami, our lawyers can provide detailed information.

How can our immigration lawyers help you move to the USA

Moving to another continent implies completing numerous formalities, which is why the help of our immigration lawyers can prove invaluable when preparing the documents and knowing the regulations to comply with. Additionally, one can receive information on how to find a place to stay and when to start preparing for relocation.

Once entered into the US, registration with various authorities once arrived. Also, assistance can also be provided when documents need to be renewed or when applying for citizens for those interested in this option.

Any questions you might have on how to move to USA from Europe can be answered by our lawyers in Miami. Do not hesitate to send us your inquiries via email. Please watch our video below:


US immigration statistics

At the level of 2016, there were approximately 4.8 million European citizens living in the US, however, recent statistics indicate that the largest numbers of foreign citizens in US:

  • came from Mexico – around 11.2 million citizens from this country lived here in 2018,
  • China with 6%, India with 4%, and the Philippines with 4% accounted for the second-largest groups of Asian immigrants to the USA,
  • most European immigrants – 44% of them – came from East European countries.

If you need information on how to relocate to USA from Europe, please contact our US immigration lawyers.