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How to Move to USA from Indonesia

How to Move to USA from Indonesia

Indonesian citizens who want to immigrate to USA must first choose an appropriate type of visa. There are two important categories of visas: the immigrant and non-immigrant ones, each of them divided into several other types of residence permits.

Below, our immigration lawyers in Miami explain how to move to USA from Indonesia. We are at your service with complete relocation support.

Types of visas for Indonesians seeking to relocate to USA

People interested in how to move to US from Indonesia will obtain all the support of our immigration lawyers in USA if they want to move to Florida. They can apply for one of the following types of visas:

  • B-1 and B-2 visas that are usually issued for temporary residency;
  • E visas that are issued to investors seeking to run their own businesses in the United States;
  • H visas that are issued to highly skilled migrants who can join the US workforce;
  • K visas that are issued for family reunification purposes, specifically for Indonesian citizens marrying US nationals.

These are the most common types of visas issued for those who want to immigrate to USA from Indonesia. Based on them, these can also obtain US green cards.

For detailed information on how to move to US from Indonesia, feel free to address our immigration lawyers in Miami and together with them find the most appropriate solution.

Steps to relocate to USA from Indonesia

When discussing the procedures for moving to the United States from Indonesia, there are generally 4 steps one can consider. These are:

  1. researching the immigration requirements imposed by the USA (our immigration lawyers can offer advice in this sense);
  2. prepare the application and file it with the US Embassy in Jakarta;
  3. wait for the response of US official (a notification will be sent);
  4. submit the rest of the papers that will enable the applicant to obtain the desired visa and relocate to USA from Indonesia.

What should be noted about the process on how to move to USA from Indonesia is that each type of visa has different requirements and time frames of obtaining them. The procedure can take from 6 to 12 months or even more, depending on the solicited residence permit.

We advise you use our immigration services in Miami if you want to obtain the desired visa in due time.

How to obtain a green card as an Indonesian citizen

People who want to know how to move to US from Indonesia and obtain a permanent residence permit, which here is known as a green card must complete 2 important procedures. First of all, they must submit clear criminal records and answer a set of questions. Secondly, they need to undergo a physical examination.

Another important aspect to consider is that green cards are issued based on family immigration – this means the applicant must have a close relative to move with. Permanent residency can also be obtained by employment – this implies securing a labor contract before moving to the USA.

Similar requirements apply to people seeking to immigrate to the USA from other Asian countries.

As a foreign citizen you can also apply for an investor visa in the USA, however, in this case, you must pass a preliminary qualification step before submitting an application. As a potential investor, you must fulfill various requirements, among which having a net worth that qualifies them for the visa, as well as meeting certain income conditions that depend on whether you move to this country alone or with the spouse.

Asian citizens living in the United States

According to data from 2016, at the respective time, there were approximately 90.000 Indonesian citizens living in the US. At the level of 2019, their number increased to nearly 129,000, according to this report. Furthermore:

  • 14,000 of the Indonesian citizens living in the US were located in Los Angeles;
  • the second-largest community of Indonesians was in New York – 14,000 immigrants;
  • 6,000 Indonesians were living in California.

If you need more information or support on how to move to USA from Indonesia, please get in touch with our immigration lawyer in the United States.