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Immigrate to the USA from Portugal

Immigrate to the USA from Portugal

There are several options for people who want to immigrate to the USA from Portugal, however, the procedure is different compared to moving to an European country. Even so, relocating to the United States comes with great rewards, among which access to permanent residence.

If you want to know how you can move to the USA from Portugal, this article is for you. In it, our immigration lawyers in Miami present some of the most interesting relocation possibilities.

Where do you start if you want to relocate to the USA from Portugal?

Perhaps the best word to use is research. Here is what you should look into if you are interested in immigration to Miami or any other city in this country:

  • what you can do to sustain yourself after moving here;
  • figure out where you will live;
  • how long you intend to stay here;
  • the type of residence permit you will need.

If you need advice on these aspects, our US immigration lawyers can guide you.

Immigration options for Portuguese citizens in the USA

Here are some of the most popular ways through which many citizens of Portugal use to immigrate to the USA:

  • employment, which comes with the advantage of making you eligible for both a temporary and permanent residence permit, the so-called US Green Card;
  • entrepreneurship, which comes in the form of a US investor visa, however, in this case, you need to consider an important amount of money to join the EB-5 visa program;
  • family reunion, which can take various forms from joining a close relative to applying for a US spouse visa;
  • studentship is also an option that can increase your chances of settling here after finishing your studies.

The Work and Travel program is also quite popular among European citizens who are still enrolled in school and want to see what life in the USA is like.

No matter the choice, you can rely on our immigration lawyer in the United States for additional information before you make a decision.

Documents required to immigrate to the USA from Portugal

The documents you will need to draft if you want to move to the USA from Portugal depend on the type of visa you will apply for. First of all, you need to have your passport with a longer validity period, as the process can take up to a few months. Then, you need to download the application forms required for your particular immigration situation. At last, you will need to prepare papers that support your reason for relocation.

When it comes to the steps you need to complete to immigrate to the USA from Portugal, it is important to note that:

  • at first, you will submit your application via the Internet with the US immigration services;
  • once it is approved, the formalities will be completed through the US Embassy in Lisbon.

For the part that needs to be completed in the United States, you can rely on our immigration law firm. Apart from that, we will also be at your disposal after you move here to understand the steps you need to complete, such as obtaining a social security number.

How many Portuguese citizens/Americans of Portuguese descent live in the USA?

According to the latest census of the US population completed in 2022, the State of California has the largest number of citizens of Portuguese origin with 327,558 inhabitants. Moreover:

  • the State of Massachusetts ranks second with 270,183 residents of Portuguese origin;
  • 89,709 residents live in the State of Florida;
  • 79,206 American citizens of Portuguese descent live in New Jersey;
  • 53,102 residents live in the State of New York.

If you want to immigrate to the USA from Portugal and need assistance, do not hesitate to contact our lawyers for tailored support.