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Immigrate to US from Canada

Immigrate to US from Canada

The United States and Canada are two of the most important economies in the world and they are also neighboring countries which makes relocation from one state to the other quite easy from a transportation point of view. However, there are also immigration rules that need to be respected when immigrating to US from Canada.

If you plan to immigrate to US from Canada and need assistance, our US immigration lawyers are at your service with various relocation packages which include several services. They can help you apply for the right type of visa for your situation, including the spouse visa for US.

Short-time relocation to the US from Canada

Canadian citizens benefit from special regulations if they are interested in short-term visits to the United States. They need not visas, as many of the checks can be completed at the airport before boarding the planes to their destinations.

However, this is not the case for those who want to relocate to the United States from Canada for long periods of time or even permanently.

For those seeking to move to Florida, our immigration lawyers in Miami and neighboring towns are at their service. 

 Quick Facts  
  Entry visa requirement 


Visas Available for Long-term Immigration (YES/NO)


Types of visas available

 Short-term residence permits,  work permits,  permanent resident cards
Time frame for obtaining a US residence permit (approx.) 

up to 6 months

Validity of temporary residence permit 3 months to 10 years depending on the reason of stay
Time frame for obtaining permanent residence (approx.)

10 years

Investor Visa Availability (YES/NO)

Yes, (EB-5) visa

Special Immigration Program Availability (YES/NO) Yes, TN Visa
Family Reunification Visas Availability (YES/NO) YES, fiance and spouse visas 
Citizenship Requirements 5 years based on permanent residency, 3 years based on marriage

Visas available for those seeking to immigrate to US from Canada

Just like the citizens of other countries, Canadians can enjoy the many programs and visas under which they can relocate to the US in the long term with the possibility of establishing themselves here permanently.

Our immigration lawyers in USA can help Canadian citizens through the following types of visas:

  1. the B visas available for Canadian citizens who want to relocate to the US for temporary stays,
  2. the E visa which is available for skilled persons who want to work in the US,
  3. the K visa which is available for Canadian citizens who want to get married to US citizens,
  4. spouse visas are also available for family reunification purposes.

Another program that is available for Canadian and Mexican citizens is the TN visa, however, this is rarely employed as through it, it is harder to obtain permanent residence in the US.

No matter the way you decide to immigrate to USA from Canada, our lawyers are at your service for guidance in choosing a visa, including the spouse visa for US.

Obtaining permanent residence in the United States as a Canadian citizen

There are several ways through which one can move to US from Canada and obtaining a Green Card. The most common ones cover employment and spousal sponsorship.

When it comes to employment, E visas are the most requested by highly skilled Canadian citizens seeking to immigrate to the US. These can find employment with local companies that will help them move here.

In order to obtain permanent residence through employment, the following documents need to be prepared by Canadian citizens:

  • the ETA-750 which must be filed by the US company employing the foreign citizen with the US Department of Labor,
  • the I-140 Form which is also filed by the employer but with the Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS),
  • the I-485 Form which must be submitted by the Canadian citizen upon entering the country.

Based on these documents, Green Cards are issued to those who immigrate to US from Canada. The validity of the residence permit is 10 years following which the holder has to options:

Relocating to the US based on fiancé and spouse visas is also a common option for Canadian citizens. For these two types of visas, however, there are several additional requirements to comply with.

Our immigration lawyer in the Uniteds States can help citizens of Canada and other countries who want to move here.

immigrate to US from Canada

How to move to the USA from Canada as a skilled worker

Many US companies seek specialists when hiring foreign employees, which is one of the main reasons immigrants choose this path of relocating to the USA. The government also encourages immigration among highly skilled persons, as there are several types of visas available for them, many of them coming with the possibility of applying for a Green Card.

The EB visa category is dedicated to skilled migrants, and it has 3-subcategories under which these can move to the USA. This is also available for Canadian citizens seeking to relocate to their neighboring country.

The EB 1 visa targets employees with abilities and skills in business, education, science, research, sports, and arts. The EB 2 visa was enabled for foreign citizens with extraordinary qualifications in business, arts, and science. Under it, those who are advanced degree professionals can immigrate to the US from Canada. The last subcategory of the EB visa, the EB 3 visa enables professionals with Bachelor’s and Graduate degrees to relocate here.

There are plenty of options for all types of immigrants who want to relocate to the USA from Canada and our immigration lawyers in the US are at the service of those interested in choosing the EB visa in order to ensure they will also be eligible for permanent residency.

Bringing family members to the USA

Over time, many Canadian citizens who have moved to the USA decided to stay here. This has enabled them to become permanent residents and thus bring family members along. Those who have relocated recently have the same option of sponsoring their close relatives to come to join them in the USA.

In order to enter the USA based on sponsorship, a Canadian citizen must:

  • be a close relative of a Canadian citizen who has gained American citizenship;
  • be supported by the Canadian relative;
  • submit proof of kinship to the Canadian citizen.

Among the categories of close relatives that may relocate to the USA based on sponsorship are husband/wife, children under the age of 21, and parents. There are also certain restrictions imposed on these immigrants, such as those who are severely ill or who do not have clean criminal records.

The formalities for moving to the United States from Canada based on sponsorship implies filing various documents which are where our immigration lawyer in Miami can help you.

If you decide on another path to relocate here, we are at your service. We can also provide the same services to citizens of other countries interested in US immigration.

The visa lottery

Many foreign citizens have heard about the US visa lottery which is a unique immigration program. The visa lottery is organized every year by the State Department and under it, 50,000 applicants can obtain green cards provided that they meet certain requirements.

Canadian citizens who are not businesspersons or skilled migrants, but if they have completed at least 12 years of elementary and secondary education or have at least 2 years of experience in a position that implies at least 2 years of training can qualify for the Green Card lottery. If elected, they can also immigrate to the USA with close family members (spouse and children under 21).

Applications are filed between October 5th and December 4th of each year and our specialists can offer more information on the procedure.

How to apply for US citizenship as a Canadian

It often happens for Canadian citizens who have successfully migrated to the USA to be interested in obtaining US citizenship.

There are several ways of obtaining a US passport but for those who have moved here from abroad, naturalization is the main option. These must have been living in the country under permanent residence cards which can be extended for up to 10 years, following which they can apply for citizenship. This will enable them to remain here worry-free that they need to reapply for Green Cards every 10 years.

Among the requirements for obtaining US citizenship, a Canadian citizen must prove he or she knows the history and laws of this country, as well as have a good command of English. Canadians who are married to US citizens who have held permanent residence for at least 3 years can also apply for US passports.

Immigration to the USA is not a simple process due to the numerous categories of visas available, as well as due to the procedure which implies several steps and a long waiting period in certain cases. This is why if you plan on moving here from Canada, you can rely on the specialized support offered by our immigration law firm in USA for guidance in meeting all the requirements.

Why move to Miami from Canada

Florida is one of the most prolific US states from an economic point of view. Apart from this, it is also home to some of the largest communities of expats in the country.

Miami is a great city for entrepreneurs who can start their own companies and have a good life here. Also, the employment options are numerous, and the industries Canadian citizens can work are quite distinct.

If you decide to move to sunny Florida from Canada, our immigration lawyer in Miami is at your service. We also invite you to watch our video below:

Canadian citizens living in the USA

If you want to immigrate to US from Canada, you should know that at the level of 2016, there were a little over 780,000 Canadian citizens that lived here.

Apart from this number:

  • immigration to the US from Canada started much earlier, as in 1960, Canadians represented around 10% of the expat community,
  • at the level of 2016, most of the Canadian citizens living in the US were established in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami (approximately 15% of them),
  • 35,000 of these were established in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

If you want to immigrate to US from Canada and decide on Florida, do not hesitate to ask for the services provided by our lawyers in Miami.