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Immigrate to USA from Argentina

Immigrate to USA from Argentina

Citizens of Argentina can obtain a wide range of visas for the procedure of immigration in Miami or in any other city in the USA. The main categories of documents that can be issued by the American authorities refer to non-immigrant visas and immigrant visas. Depending on the particular situation of the Argentinian citizensour team of immigration lawyers in Miami can recommend the most suitable type of visa

We will also help you apply for a residence permit if you decide to move to USA.

Non-immigrant visas in USA

Non-immigrant visas in USA are available for the citizens who are interested in immigration matters for a determined period of time. Such documents will not allow the applicant to obtain the American citizenship

The main non-immigrant visas that can be obtained in this situation are: 

•    tourism visas;
•    visas for business purposes;
•    visas for temporary employment for those who want to relocate to Miami;
•    visas for study purposes;
•    visas addressed to persons who qualify as teachers or professors;
•    visas under the Visa Waiver Program.

The video below provides more details related to immigration to US from Argentina

Citizens of Argentina interested to work in Miami, U.S., may apply for a visa for temporary employment. This type of visa will allow foreign citizens to work in this country for a determined period of time. It is important to know that Argentinian citizens will have the right to move in USA for the prescribed period under which the temporary employment visa is issued. Our immigration lawyer in USA can offer assistance on the application process, as well as on the fees involved in this procedure. 

It is important to know that the visa issued for tourism purposes can also be issued for medical situations, and not just for travelling in U.S. We can also advise on USA citizenship matters.

We can also help you apply for a Green Card for the United States. There are several ways through which it can be obtained, just like in other countries. After receiving the permanent resident status you can also apply for US citizenship, which is one of the most desired status by foreign citizens who move to the USA.

We can also help you apply for a spouse visa for the USA. The procedure is not complicated, however, it may require the assistance of a specialized lawyer due to the requirements to comply with and the lengthy processing times. So, feel free to get in touch with us and get support for moving here as soon as possible.

Immigrant visas in the USA

The immigration legislation available in USA states that foreign citizens, including Argentinian nationals who want to relocate to USA, may apply for immigrant visa which allow the applicants to obtain permanent residency in this country. At the same time, such documents can provide the right to receive American citizenship. Before that, one must obtain a residence permit in USA. One of the ways to immigrate and obtain a US green card is employment. There are several different visa options available for people who want to work in the United States. A particular visa can be required, depending on the type of employment. Therefore, each case will be assessed independently. When selecting to apply for a work visa, you can consult with our immigration lawyers who can advise on the best way to go about it.

The most important immigrant visas are the following: 

•    spouse visas;
•    fiancée visas;
•    visas for family members of an American citizen;
•    employment based visas

Citizens of Argentina are invited to contact our US immigration lawyer for more details on how to immigrate to USA. We will also help you apply for US citizenship.

We can also advise on other immigration matters. For example, applying for the investor visa for the USA. You can rely on our lawyers who can help you understand the requirements for this type of visa, which can be quite extensive. Feel free to contact us and enquire about the procedure of obtaining it before proceeding.