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Immigrate to USA from Brazil

Immigrate to USA from Brazil

Citizens of Brazil can obtain a non-immigrant visa for U.S., if they are interested in spending a determined period of time on the American territory. At the same time, they may also apply for permanent residency in America, following a different procedure, on which our immigration lawyers in Miami can provide legal advice. Brazilian citizens can obtain a specific visa based on their needs, which can be related to traveling to USA, studying, temporary employment, and the residence permit in USA.

If you are interested in immigration from Brazil to USA, you can rely on our immigration law firm in USA.

Types of visas for immigration from Brazil to USA

Those who plan to relocate from Brazil to USA have several types of visas they can apply for. They are divided into non-immigrant and immigrant visas, however, these have multiple sub-categories under which moving here is possible.

What is worth noting is that under most types of visas, Brazilian citizens can obtain US residence. One of the ways through which you can apply for a green card in the USA is the EB-5 investor program which allows foreign entrepreneurs to move to the country, have their own businesses and lead a comfortable life here. This is why, before engaging in this scheme, we recommend getting in touch with our immigration lawyers who will help you identify the right opportunity for you.

Those who plan on moving to US from Brazil can rely on our immigration lawyers in Miami if they decide for this city.

You can also count on us if you wish to apply for a US spouse visa. We are at your disposal with guidance and advice on how to prepare and submit the documents required to obtain this type of immigrant visa. Do not hesitate to seek our advice and support for moving to the United States as quickly as possible!

Non-immigrant visas in USA 

The non-immigrant visa is issued for immigration in Miami which has a temporary basis. The document will allow the Brazilian citizen to perform his or her immigration purpose and thus, it is necessary to obtain the documents prior to making any arrangements in U.S

Those who want to travel in U.S., will require the issuance of a B-2 visaBrazilian citizens who are interested in traveling in the United States of America need this type of visa to enter the American territory. In the situation in which the Brazilian citizen will travel with his or her relatives (spouse or children), the other parties will also need a valid visa when entering this jurisdiction. Our US immigration lawyer can provide more information on this matter. We can also assist you to apply for USA citizenship.

Foreign citizens interested in immigration from Brazil to USA can send their inquiries to our lawyers in Miami.

We can also help you apply for an EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa, also known as the investor visa in the US. It can be obtained by foreign entrepreneurs who meet certain requirements, such as having sufficient funds to invest in accordance with the guidelines of the program. Get in touch with us for details on its requirements.

There are several ways through which one can get a Green Card in the US. Employment is one of the simplest options; however, there are also other way through which it can be obtained. The steps to get permanent residency can be offered by our immigration attorneys in USA who can also help you apply for it.

Immigrant visas when moving from Brazil to USA

The United States is a very appealing country to want to move to for good, which is why it is understandable if permanent immigration from Brazil to USA is chosen. The Green Card is the main target of the applicants in this case.

There are two ways of obtaining permanent residence in USA as a Brazilian citizen. The first one implies relocation as an employee, while the second one covers immigration by family reunification.

What must be considered is that each procedure implies different steps, as it follows:

  1. in the case of employment-based relocation, the employer will start the immigration procedure;
  2. in the case of family reunification, the US relative must start the visa application process;
  3. the documents to be provided are different to some degree for each of the procedures;
  4. the duration for obtaining the visa is also different, however, it also depends on the number of requests the US immigration authorities must process;
  5. the number of visas issued for family reunification purposes is unlimited compared to the ones released for employment reasons.

Another important thing to consider about immigration from Brazil to USA is that when choosing employment, the US company must complete a large part of the procedure.

Family reunification, on the other hand, requires the relative living in the USA to be a permanent resident or a citizen of this country, plus to have a minimum income that enables him/her to support the Brazilian citizen moving here.

If you want to relocate to the United States from Brazil and decide on Florida, our immigration lawyers in Miami can provide the necessary details on the minimum income requirements for living here.

If you want to immigrate to USA from Brazil, you can find more details on the immigration visas available for Brazilian citizens in the video below: 

Requirements for the B-2 visa for Brazilian citizens  

When applying for a travel visa in U.S., the Brazilian citizen will have to provide the following documents:

•    DS -160 form; 
•    the payment of the application fee;
•    a valid passport; 
•    a photo following the requirements of the State Department.

It is important to know that the above-mentioned documents will not provide a guarantee of visa approval. The application will also include an interview with the consular office, which might require further documentation, related to the ability to cover the expenses incurred during the travel in USA.  Brazilian citizens can also apply for USA citizenship. In case you want to move to USA from Brazil, our team of lawyers can help you.

At the same time, the consular interview may also require proof of the applicant’s commitments in the country where he or she resides, such as employment, property, and any other relevant aspects. 

Our Miami lawyers are at the service of those who want to move to US from Brazil.

The spouse visa when immigrating to USA from Brazil

The spouse visa is one of the most flexible routes for immigration from Brazil to USA because of the following reasons:

  • it can be requested by one of the spouses who live in the US;
  • it can also be requested by foreign spouses who want to relocate together here.

The US spouse visa can be obtained by foreign citizens married to American ones, but also when both spouses are foreign citizens and plan to move together from Brazil to the USA.

Brazilian citizens also have the possibility of relocating to the US based on fiancé visas which are somewhat similar to the spouse visa. However, this type of residence permit can be obtained by those who plan on getting married within 90 days after entering the country. Also, the future spouse must submit substantial proof that sustains the relationship with the American citizen.

Guidance on how to apply for a spouse or fiancé visa for the US can be obtained from our US immigration law firm.

How to obtain US citizenship as a Brazilian citizen

Obtaining a Green Card is the main step to citizenship after immigrating to USA from Brazil. One must be a permanent resident of the US for at least 5 years at the time citizenship is requested. This is the simplest way of obtaining a US passport, however, there are also other ways, which imply:

  • obtaining citizenship by marriage to an ordinary US citizen;
  • obtaining citizenship by marrying a US officer of the army;
  • investment.

No matter the choice, immigration from Brazil to USA and citizenship can be assisted by our lawyers in Miami who can provide the necessary details on how to prepare for the interview.

You can also benefit from our services if you want to immigrate to USA from Canada.

Brazilian citizens living in the USA

People who are interested in immigration from Brazil to USA based on the communities they can join should know that according to MigrationPolicy.com:

  • at the level of 2017, the Brazilian community in the US was around 450,000 lawful residents;
  • they represented 1% of the 44.5 million migrants who live in the country;
  • 50% of the Brazilian-born citizen lived in Florida (around 80,000 citizens);
  • Florida is closely followed by the State of Massachusetts with 65,000 citizens of Brazilian descent.

Citizens who want to immigrate to USA from Brazil and obtain other types of visas are invited to contact our immigration attorney in Miami for more details on this subject and on the residence permit in USA.