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Immigrate to USA from France

Immigrate to USA from France

Many persons from European countries are attracted by the quality of life in the United States and decide to apply for visas that enable them to move here. This is also the case of French citizens who are practical and see the opportunities they can explore in a large country like the US.

Those who plan to immigrate to USA from France benefit from various advantages if they first decide to visit the States as their home country is in the Schengen, therefore, they benefit from simplified visa procedures. For those who want to relocate here on a long-term or permanently, various types of residence permits are available.

If you want to move to USA from France and need information or assistance, our immigration law firm in Miami is at your disposal with tailored services.

Visas that can be used for immigration to USA from France

The residency options for those who want to relocate to USA from France are quite complex due to the number of visas that can be obtained depending on the reason for relocation. However, these are divided into immigrant and non-immigrant visas in order to make the decision simpler.

While non-immigrant visas enable short-term visits to the USA, the other category targets those who want to establish themselves in this country and are:

  • the business visa which can be obtained by those seeking to start companies in the USA,
  • the Green Card that can be obtained through employment,
  • the investor visa that can be obtained through investment,
  • the Green Card that can be obtained through family reunification,
  • the spouse and the fiancé visa for US which can be obtained by French citizens who are married, respectively engaged to American citizens.

No matter the choice, if you decide to apply for a Green Card, our immigration lawyers in USA are at your service with advice and information on the requirements of the visas presented above.

Applying for a spouse visa for the USA is one of the ways through which you can bring your partner here. If you are an American citizen, you can start the procedure here, however, there are also aspects that need to be completed by your foreign spouse. Contact us for details on the exact steps of the process.

Entrepreneurship is one of the dreams of those who move to the United States. For this purpose, one must apply for an investor visa in the USA, which comes with numerous benefits, but also responsibilities. If you are interested in accessing this program, contact us. We can help you find the best solution.

How to immigrate to USA from Miami and obtain permanent residency

Compared to the French residence requirements, applying for a Green Card for the USA is more direct, meaning that in certain cases there is no need to wait for years in order to obtain it.

Obtaining a Green Card for the US implies the following steps:

  1. selecting the way to obtain the visa (there are several channels that can be used),
  2. filing for a visa and waiting until the Green Card application process is open,
  3. if the application is approved, the visa interview will be scheduled,
  4. report for the Green Card interview and file the necessary documents after the visa is granted,
  5. relocation to the USA is the final step in obtaining residency.

As mentioned above, there are several ways to relocate to USA from France by means of a Green Card.

The first, and safest way to obtain it is through family reunification for those who already have family members established in the US. However, there is also the option of applying for a Green Card based on employment. Another way of moving to USA from France is through the Green Card Lottery – a program created for those who want to immigrate here under none of the previous options.

If you want to immigrate to USA from France and obtain a Green Card, our immigration lawyers in Miami can help you understand how the visa procedure works and how long it takes to obtain permanent residence. French citizens interested in getting a spouse visa for US, can also receive legal assistance from our team of attorneys.

A non-immigrant visa can also be turned into a green card in the United States. In this case, the applicant is usually already in the country, and all that is needed to do is submit an application to change his/her current status—such as a work visa, student visa, or visitor visa—to permanent residency. Our US immigration lawyer can help in this sense.

Assistance in moving to USA from France

Because of the lengthy and multiple stages of the immigration procedure, it is quite common for citizens of European countries to ask for the support of lawyers in the US, as the processes are completely different on the two continents.

Our immigration lawyers in the US come to the aid of those who want to relocate to the USA from France with the following services:

  • information on the available types of visas and the procedures to obtain them,
  • assistance in preparing and filing the documents with the immigration authorities in due time,
  • guidance after relocation when it is required to register with various local authorities.

If you plan to immigrate to USA from Franceour lawyers can help you.

Relations between the USA and France

France is USA’s third-largest trading partner in Europe, according to the US State Department. The relations between the two states consist in:

  • goods traded between the two countries worth more than 138 billion USD in 2019,
  • in terms of migration, at the level of 2016, there were more than 259,000 French citizens living in the USA,
  • the USA is the second country in terms of immigration preferences after Switzerland for French citizens.

If you want to immigrate to USA from France and need assistance, do not hesitate to contact our immigration lawyer in Miami for help.