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Immigrate to USA from Poland

Immigrate to USA from Poland

Foreign citizens who want to immigrate to USA from Poland must complete the formalities associated with the type of visa or residence permit they seek to obtain. In this sense, our immigration lawyers in Miami can help them with tailored services, so they can relocate here as soon as possible.

Below, we have gathered some useful information about the main options available, as well as how to move to the United States from Poland in the shortest timeframe.

The main options under which Polish citizens can relocate to the USA

When it comes to visas that one can obtain when moving to the USA from Poland, these can be issued for short periods mainly. However, residency is available on temporary and permanent terms.
Here are the main ways one can immigrate to USA under:

  • employment;
  • family reunion;
  • investment. We are at your service with other immigration services as well, For example, with the application process for a US investment visa. Due to the significant amount of money at risk, many applicants choose to work with our immigration attorneys in the USA during the EB-5 visa application process. So, if you need support, know that you can rely on us.

These come with various sub-categories of visas, which is why it is important to choose in accordance with one’s plans and even qualifications. For example, those with less than 2 years of marriage will be given a conditional green card (CR1 visa). This implies that as the two-year deadline approaches, you will still have work to perform even after you have finished the initial visa process. You must submit extra papers to lift the restrictions within the 90 days prior to the end of the 2-year period after getting your spouse visa for the US.

Feel free to ask our immigration lawyers in USA about such sub-categories.

You can also rely on our US immigration lawyers for support in obtaining residency. Also known as the US Green Card, this is one of the most desired documents by immigrants. Contact our specialists for a tailored consultation and let us help you make your dreams come true by coming to live in one of the most developed countries in the world.

How to immigrate to USA from Poland based on employment

One of the safest routes to move to USA from Poland is through employment. However, when it comes to creating the paperwork that must be submitted to the authorities, the assistance of a Miami immigration lawyer will be crucial.

 As mentioned earlier, it is also worth noting that there are several categories of visas available for temporary employment. These include the H visa, which has a number of subclasses, including the H1B visa, which is available for highly skilled immigrants, the H-2A and H-2B visas, which are given to temporary workers in the agricultural and non-agricultural seasons, respectively. There is also the L1 visa, which applies for intracompany transfers.

Given the various types of visas described above, it is important to identify the precise visa you need to apply for in order to avoid rejection. For this purpose, if you intend to relocate to the United States from Poland, you can request our immigration services.

When can a Polish citizen immigrate to USA based on family reunion?

As their names say, family reunification visas are available for those who have relatives that are already established in this country and integrated in the US society, meaning they must have a place to stay and a stable income.

The F2A and F2B visas for families of permanent residents. They include spouses, minor children, and unmarried children who have reached and exceeded the age of 21. The IR5 visa, the F3 and F4 visas, and the ones for US citizen parents, married US citizen children, and US citizen brothers and sisters, respectively, are also available.

The main advantage of moving to USA from Poland through family reunion visas is that there are no caps on the number of visas issued, while the downside is the procedure which is quite lengthy.

Should you decide to immigrate to USA from Poland this way, you can get in contact with our immigration lawyer in the US or have a family member talk to us for starting the application procedure.

How many Polish citizens live in the USA?

According to various surveys and data gathered over time by various publications, nearly 20 million Polish citizens have left their home country to live in other states. The US Census Bureau also reports that:

  • 8.23 million Americans have Polish descent;
  • the country’s population accounts for 332.8 million inhabitants;
  • October is the month in which Polish heritage is celebrated in the United States.

If you want to immigrate to USA from Polandcontact us. We are at your disposal with complete relocation services to Miami, Florida.