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Immigrate to USA from Russia

Immigrate to USA from Russia

There are plenty of opportunities for those who decide to immigrate to the United States. No matter if you are citizen of a European or Asian country, you can relocate here by applying for one of the visas issued in accordance with your relocation intentions.

This also applies to Russian citizens who decide to move to the USA. However, the most recent developments have led to special procedures and additional steps that need to be completed by those migrating to the US from Russia. Below, our immigration lawyers in USA explain these conditions.

How can Russian citizens obtain visas for the USA?

In the context of the difficult situation with Ukraine, Russian citizens who want to travel or move from Russia temporarily or permanently must obtain visas for the US. However, they are now required to travel to neighboring countries and apply for visas. Poland and the Baltic states are some of the simplest options in this sense. Also, until recently, it took just a few days (around 3 to 5 working days) to have a visa approved, now, it can take longer.

If you are a Russian citizen and want to apply for a visa to the US, our immigration lawyer in Miami can offer updated information on the current situation.

If you want to know how to obtain a Green Card for the USA, you can contact us . Foreign citizens must meet several requirements in order to obtain it. These conditions depend on their qualifications or studies if they choose employment to secure a permanent residence visa for the United States.

How to immigrate to USA from Russia for longer periods

In terms of long-term immigration, you can relocate to US from Russia based on non-immigrant or immigrant visas. It should be noted that visa filing procedures must also be completed with US embassies in other countries. Currently, the embassy in Warsaw, Poland is open for such proceedings.

Our immigration law firm in the United States can offer assistance in drafting the paperwork for obtaining such visas.

Special procedures for moving to USA from Russia

Just like European countries, the US also activated the temporary protective status (TPS) for refugees from Ukraine. However, Russian citizens who consider they are in danger if they return to their country can also apply for the TPS. It should be noted that this does not imply one can immigrate to USA from Russia but can be granted the possibility of staying here for 18 months.

This is a fast-track procedure under which Russian citizens can obtain protection. The other option is to apply for refugee status, a case in which they can benefit from the support of our US immigration lawyer, should they decide on Miami.

Are there other immigration options in place for Russian citizens?

Yes, it is still possible to relocate to US from Russia based on the other programs created by US Government. Investor visas, family reunification visas, and employment remain the main options for Russian citizens who meet the qualification requirements.

Foreigners who are married to Americans can apply for a spouse visa in the USA. Specific requirements must be met by both spouses, however since the US citizen will serve as the sponsor, there will be additional restrictions. Among them is making sure the foreign spouse has suitable accommodation and assistance after they arrive in the United States. The immigrant spouse may later be eligible for permanent residency based on this visa.

They need to go through the same procedures as citizens of other countries and thus move to the United States stress-free. However, they must be aware that obtaining such visas can take between 12 and 18 months in certain cases.

Investment is another way of moving to the USA. In order to qualify for an investor visa for the United States, the investment must be worth at least USD 500,000 or USD 1 million in a designated high unemployment or rural area of the country. It is also useful to note there is an annual cap to this type of visa through which you can immigrate to the USA. You can obtain detailed information on the best way to apply for it from our local lawyers.

Feel free to address our immigration lawyers in the USA for guidance on the options that suit you the best if you want to move to the United States from Russia.

How many Russians live in the United States?

The Russian community is a strong one in the USA, with most of the people of Russian origin living in Alaska.

According to the latest data gathered by the American Census Bureau:

  • at the level of 2019, there were around 2,43 million Americans of Russian ancestry living here;
  • currently, the total population made of American citizens of Russian descent and residents is around 2.9 million;
  • they represent approximately 10.3% of the foreign-born population in the USA.

If you decide to immigrate to USA from Russia and need assistance, contact us!