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Immigrate to USA from South Africa

Immigrate to USA from South Africa

The United States is the dream destination of people all over the world. Luckily, there are several ways through which one can move here by applying for one of the available visas, including the Green Card which, compared to other countries, can be obtained directly by meeting certain requirements. It is good to note that the Green Card is the correspondent of the residence permit in European countries.

This country welcomes citizens everywhere to move here, so those planning to immigrate to USA from South Africa can rely on the support of our lawyers. We are based in Miami, so if you intend to move here, our immigration lawyers are at your service.

Paths for immigration to the United States from South Africa

There are several ways under which one can relocate to USA from South Africa, and they cover the following reasons:

  1. employment which is one of the fastest routes to relocate to the States,
  2. family-reunification when a US citizen or permanent residence can sponsor the South African one,
  3. business, which implies starting a company in the USA by investing specific amounts of money,
  4. study when a South African citizen has been accepted by an accredited education institution,
  5. the Diversity Visa Program which is available for numerous citizens all over the world.

As you can see, there are plenty of visas when seeking to move to US from South Africa, however, before deciding on a specific program, it is advisable to ask for information from specialists. If you decide on Florida, our immigration lawyers in Miami are at your service.

Our specialists can also help you apply for an investor visa for the United States. The main aspect to consider about it is that only a few people can obtain it on an annual basis. In order to not miss the start of the application procedure, contact us. Our lawyers can advise on when it starts and how to increase your chances to get it.

Choosing a visa when immigrating to Miami from South Africa

It should be noted that US visas are divided into two large categories: immigrant and non-immigrant visas. For those seeking to immigrate to USA from South Africa, the first category is recommended if the foreign applicants want to settle here.

In order to obtain an immigrant visa for USA, a South African citizen will usually need a sponsor that can take the form of the employer or family member or another person who is a US citizen or permanent resident of this country. Also, it is necessary for the foreign citizen to first file a petition for the immigrant visa which must be approved at the time the sponsor is selected.

Moving to the United States is rather different from the procedure of relocating to other countries and the regulations in this sense must be carefully respected. For a thorough verification of the immigration conditions, our immigration law firm in USA is at your service. Moreover, our lawyers can check if you meet the eligibility criteria for the visa you are interested in.

Steps to relocate to USA from South Africa

There are a few steps that need to be completed when seeking to move to the United States from South Africa and these imply:

  • checking the requirements for each type of visas before choosing a program,
  • filing a petition for the approval of the visa,
  • once the petition is approved, the immigration procedure can begin with the preparation of the documents specifically required for the respective visa,
  • then, the documents must be filed with the National Visa Center (NVC),
  • wait for the visa interview to be scheduled,
  • after the interview, the supporting documents proving the acceptance to enter the US must be presented with the US Embassy in South Africa.

If you need assistance in preparing to immigrate to USA from South Africa, our lawyers in Miami are at your disposal. Furthermore, we can also advise on the best time to apply for a visa.

How to choose a US immigration program

One of the stringent problems of those who want to immigrate to USA from South Africa is choosing a program. The selection should be made based on the qualifications and reason for relocation. It is always easier to move here based on family reunification, such as the fiancé or spouse visas, however, this is not always the case, which is why employment is just as safe. Moreover, the last option will ease the immigration process, as the employer must complete a part of the procedure.

Remember you can always rely on our immigration lawyer in the US for choosing a visa to apply for.

How many foreign citizens can immigrate to the United States every year?

According to the Immigration and Nationality Act:

  • approximately 650,000 permanent residence visas are issued on a yearly basis in the USA,
  • around 87,900 visas are issued to foreign spouses and minor children of Green Card holders,
  • around 65,000 visas are issued to brothers and sisters of US citizens.

If you plan to immigrate to USA from South Africa and need support, please contact us. We can assist you in obtaining any type of visas, including the spouse visa for US.