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Immigrate to USA from the Dominican Republic

Immigrate to USA from the Dominican Republic

Dominican citizens who are interested in immigration in Miami, United States of America (USA) will need to follow a set of specific regulations in order to receive the legal right of living in U.S. Furthermore, they can apply for becoming citizens of the state and they are also entitled to obtain a job in an American company. The main institution which handles immigration matters in U.S., is the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS)Our immigration attorney in USA can offer legal assistance for emigrating to U.S. from the Dominican Republic. We will also guide you through the application for USA citizenship.

Apply for immigration visas at the USCIS department in Santo Domingo 

 A Dominican citizen moving to the United States must start at the USCIS office established in Santo DomingoImmigrant visas applications are handled through this office, which will make appointments for the citizens when they will arrive at the U.S. Embassy

For this, the applicants will need to submit a designated form, specifying their particular immigration matterOur lawyer can offer legal assistance when completing such documents for relocating to Miami. We will also offer guidance when applying for a residence permit in USA.

According to the immigration law, you can apply for a US investor visa if an investment is made in an authorized project or in a Targeted Employment Area. The minimum investment required to be made is 1 million USD if the investment is made in a company outside of a Targeted Employment Area. Feel free to address our lawyers for detailed information on this option.

The Green Card for the United States, which can be obtained after a successful application process, allows holders to freely choose their place of employment and residence, travel in and out of the country with ease, study there for a much lower cost, and eventually earn additional benefits after a few years.

Obtain a visa for Miami, US 

Dominican citizens can also relocate to U.S., by applying for a K visa, issued for marriage purposes. This is available when a Dominican citizen can provide relevant information on the relationship with an American citizen, which will be concluded through a wedding in U.S. This way, the foreign spouse will obtain a residence permit in USA.

In the situation in which the Dominican citizen has relatives in Miami, U.S., they will have to apply for a petition at the USCIS prior to the formalities for obtaining a visa

If you want to apply for a US spouse visa as a sponsor for your foreign wife or husband, get in touch with our lawyers. They will verify if you meet the sponsorship requirements followed by the conditions to be met by the foreign party. There are no specific requisites associated with the nationality of overseas spouses, however, case-to-case evaluation is recommended.

The citizens of the Dominican Republic can also obtain the right to immigrate to the U.S. if they have employment interests in this country. However, it is important to know that in this situation, the American employer is required to file a petition at USCIS, providing information on the future employeeOur immigration lawyer in Miami can offer more information on the employment requirements imposed for foreigners. 

At the same time, Dominican citizens should also know that they have to pay an Immigrant Fee, but there are also several exemptions in this sense, related to the persons who require a K visa and those who qualify under the regulations of the Orphan or Hague Process

For more details on how to receive a visa for USA, please contact our immigration lawyers in USA. If you have questions about USA citizenship, you can rely on us. We can help you move to Miami if you are a citizen of another country.