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Immigration Court in Miami

Immigration Court in Miami

Individuals who travel in Miami or those who want to live in the United States must know that they have to apply for a visa or for a residence permit.
Our team of attorneys in Miami have handled a wide range of visa cases over the years and can help you obtain your visa or residency.  

Furthermore, in case you are dealing with a trial handled by the Immigration Court in Miami, our lawyers can provide all the legal support in order to obtain the desired outcome. The Immigration Court in Miami handles all the immigration cases in the state. At the beginning it was formed under the INA (The Immigration Naturalization Service) and in the 90’s was transferred under the jurisdiction of the Justice Department at the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR). 

Type of processes handled by the Immigration Court in Miami

According to the Practice Manual, the Court presides various immigration cases such as: 

•    Immigration fraud hearings in case you entered the state without presenting the visa to a border officer;
•    Bond Hearings in case you are eligible for a bond hearing while your trial is on role;
•    Removal proceedings in which it is decided your removability under the Immigration Law;
•    Deportation hearings where you are judged for entering illegally in the state;
•    Exclusion hearings where the judges decide your status in the state and decide upon your case if you are eligible to proceed further for a visa or you will be excluded from the country.

In case of appeal at the Immigration Court in Miami, our immigration lawyers in USA can put at your disposal all the documentation necessary for you case, our team has a wide experience regarding all types of cases.

Components of the Immigration Court in Miami

The Immigration Court is composed of several departments, each one with its role and authority. Below you can see the main departments of the Court: 

•    Office of the Chief Immigration Judge (OCIJ): it has the role to oversee the administrative part of the court and has the full authority to supervise the immigration judges of the Court. OCIJ is a component of the federal government.
•    Board of Immigration Appeals: it is the highest court for immigration cases or nationality issues. The Board has the role of providing guidance for immigration judges and for the general public;
•    The Administrative Appeals Office (AAO):  it is an entity that has the role to verify and sentence the appeals from the Homeland Security Department for petitions like employment petitions and non-immigrant visa.

In case you are involved in a trial handled by the Immigration Court in Miami you can request specialized support from our local team of US immigration attorneys. Our lawyers will help you with advice and complete legal assistance upon your case.

If you need legal representation in the immigration court, please contact our team of immigration lawyers in Miami.