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LGBT Asylum in U.S.

LGBT Asylum in U.S.

Foreign persons who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) may request asylum in Miami, U.S. in specific legal situations. The United States of America, through the U.S. Department of Justice, has been providing LGBT asylum since 1994. According to the U.S. immigration legislation, foreign persons may seek out asylum in Miami, U.S. if they were prosecuted for their beliefs in the country of origin. Our immigration lawyers in Miami can offer in-depth assistance on the main legal procedures through which LGBT persons can apply for asylum and for a residence permit in USA.

Applying for LGBT asylum in Miami, U.S. 

Foreigners who are part of the LGBT community may apply for political asylum in Miami, U.S. as a consequence of the fact that their sexual orientation is not accepted in their country of residence. When applying for asylum in the United States of America, the applicants will receive the right to live in Miami, U.S. At the same time, the persons will also be entitled to reunite with their close family members (such as spouses or children). Later, they can apply for USA citizenship.

The video below offers more information on the LGBT asylum in Miami:

Persons who are interested in immigration in Miami, U.S., under the regulations applicable for asylum seekers must also know that they may receive the right to becoming American citizens

Our immigration lawyer in USA can offer in-depth advice on the procedure that must be completed by an asylum seeker.  We will also advise on the residence permit in USA.

We are at the service of everyone who wants to move here, including those who plan to immigrate to USA from Canada.

Requirements for LGBT asylum seekers in U.S.

Those who are seeking asylum in Miami, U.S. as a part of the LGBT community will need to apply based on their membership in a particular social group. It is necessary to demonstrate that the applicant has a real fear of living in his or her country of origin and, in this sense, the person must demonstrate that he or she is persecuted or has a fear of being persecuted in the respective country. 

Persons interested in immigration to the United States should know that the applicable legislation defines persecution as one of the following:

  • beatings;
  • threats;
  • violence;
  • detention;
  • police harassment;
  • torture and other similar situations. 

Foreign persons are invited to contact our Miami immigration lawyer to further study the possibilities of obtaining LGBT asylum and USA citizenship.