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Motion to Reopen a Deportation Order in Miami

Motion to Reopen a Deportation Order in Miami

motion to reopen a deportation order in Miami represents the reopening of a deportation case initiated by a Miami immigration lawyer on the individual’s behalf. This reopening is effectuated by the U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) or an Immigration Judge. The motion to reopen may generally filed if the foreign citizen in question is under an existing deportation (removal) order.

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How can a motion to reopen a deportation order in Miami be invoked?

A motion to reopen a deportation order in Miami can involve:

•    Failure to collect the charging documentation: in case the deportation order was issued against the foreign citizen because of an in absentia status (failure to appear in the immigration court in Miami), it can be invoked that the foreign citizen was not offered the appropriate notice of the court date;
•    Looking to overcome the assumption of delivery: when a charge notification is sent to a foreign citizen through the mail, there is an assumption of delivery. Yet, if the foreign citizen can prove that he or she has not received the notice, a removal order can be opened;
•    Other motions to reopen: our immigration lawyers in USA can offer complete information on what these other motions to reopen a deportation order in Miami consist of.

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How can an immigration attorney in US help?

motion to reopen in Miami can be a complex legal procedure that is difficult to undertake without the knowledgeable guidance of an immigration attorney in Miami. It is important to get it right from the first attempt, as the immigration legislation in the U.S. does not allow filling more than one.

Our immigration lawyers in the United States will assist you with:

•    Reviewing your immigration case very attentively;
•    Establishing whether a motion to reopen a deportation order in Miami is the most appropriate action to serve your best interest;
•    Organizing a motion to reopen that is convincing and substantial;
•    Filing your motion to reopen in Miami and following its progress when passing through the immigration system.

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