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Move to USA from Sweden

Move to USA from Sweden

The United States is very appealing to citizens of small countries interested in exploring more options in terms of employment and business. This can also be the case of Swedish citizens who will find all these in the United States of America, a much larger country than Sweden.

Those who want to move to USA from Sweden can apply for one of the visas available under the local legislation, provided they meet the request of the selected visa type. For those seeking to relocate to a warm climate, Miami can represent the best option.

Our immigration lawyers in Miami are at your service if you plan to relocate to US from Sweden.

Different types of visas for those who move to USA from Sweden

There are two important decisions that need to be made by those who want to immigrate to USA from Sweden:

  • the type of visa they can apply for;
  • the duration of stay.

These are connected by the fact that the type of visa that can be requested is related to short or long-term stays. The Green Card is issued to those who want to move to USA from Sweden for short or long periods.

These are the main visas one can apply for when moving to the United States from Sweden:

  1. business visas that are available for Swedish entrepreneurs;
  2. investor visas that can also be obtained by those interested in having their own businesses;
  3. the Green Card which is the most sought type of residence document by European citizens;
  4. family reunification visas which have various advantages over other types of residence permits.

It is possible for Swedish citizens to apply for non-immigrant visas under which they can get acquainted with US living style and make a decision based on all aspects they are interested in.

They can also rely on our immigration lawyers in USA for interesting facts about moving to Florida.

In order to get a US spouse visa and bring your spouse to this country, you must be either a citizen or a permanent resident here, as there are no differences in the sponsorship requirements from this point of view. However, each state has its own conditions in terms of income and space to live. For assistance, you can rely on our US immigration lawyers.

Relocating to USA from Sweden permanently

Those who decide to move to USA from Sweden can apply for Green Cards that will enable them to settle here for indefinite periods of time.

The Green Card can be obtained directly, meaning that permanent residency is available at the time the residence permit is issued. The steps to be completed in order to obtain a Green Card as a Swedish citizen are:

  • choosing between the ways enabling the application for a Green Card,
  • preparing and filing the documents for the visa;
  • schedule the interview for the visa, after the visa is approved;
  • move to the USA after all the formalities have been completed.

 There are several ways through which one can relocate to US from Sweden by applying for a Green Card. Family reunification is one of the safest ways, however, this is an option only for those who have family members who live in the US as permanent residents or citizens. Employment and the Green Card Lottery are suitable options for those who do not have ties with this country.

Citizens who want to move to USA from Sweden can rely on the experience of our immigration lawyer in Miami for information on the options available.

We can also help you find out if you are eligible to apply for a US investor visa. Compared to other countries, the USA has a straightforward verification process which streamlines the obtaining procedure quite a lot. Please contact our immigration lawyers if you need details or assistance in applying for the investment scheme.

The US investor visa for Swedish citizens

Those who want to immigrate to USA from Sweden can use the investor visa as a means of relocation. This type of residence permit is one of the most sought, as it enables entrepreneurs to move to the USA and obtaining good incomes.

Also known as the EB-5 Immigrant Visa, this type of residence permit is usually granted to individuals and their families willing to invest in a local business and creating full-time jobs for US citizens. The advantage of an EB-2 application is that you are not dependent on a job offer and can self-petition for a green card in the USA. You must also satisfy the national interest waiver requirements, which include that the proposed position has substantial merit and national importance.

The requirements for this visa are more stringent from a financial point of view, as the minimum amount of money accepted is 500,000 USD, if the operations are to be set up in rural areas or zones where the unemployment rates are high. Also, Swedish citizens choosing this immigration option must create at least 10 jobs.

What should be noted about the investor visa is that it is issued in limited numbers every year, which is why those who want to obtain it must consider their options carefully.

If you want to relocate to the United States from Sweden, our immigration lawyers in the United States are at your service if you decide for Florida where you will find plenty of investment opportunities.

The visa for extraordinary activities in USA

Swedish citizens who want to move to the USA can also apply for visas for persons of extraordinary abilities if they can prove their exceptional skills in sciences, arts, education, business, or sports.
The main advantage of this type of residence permit is that it enables foreign applicants to move here based on their extraordinary capabilities in various fields without having to invest specific amounts of money, especially when it comes to business relocation.

What should be noted about this type of visa is that it enters the category of non-immigrant residence permits, however, it is possible to extend it if a Swedish citizen decides to remain here. If certain requirements are met, the person of extraordinary abilities can even qualify for US citizenship.

Here are the main requirements to qualify as a person for this type of visa:

  • having obtained nationally or internationally recognized prizes or awards;
  • being a member of associations or organizations in the field for which classification is required;
  • having published various works in magazines, newspapers and other similar publications;
  • having worked on an important position for organizations and establishments.

These are just some of the requirements that can help a Swedish national to immigrate to USA based on this type of visa.

If you are interested in it, you can obtain all the necessary details from our immigration law firm in USA. Considering this type of visa requires more complex formalities in terms in documents, we recommend you discuss with our lawyers about their preparation.

Relocating to USA from Sweden based on family reunification

Swedish citizens who have family member already living in the USA can move here based on family reunification petitions. In their case, the application procedure implies their close relatives to invite them to come to the US, and only after that the Swedish applicant can start the immigration procedure.

Family reunification is a great way of moving to USA from Sweden, as there are no quotas imposed on the number of such visas issued by the US authorities. Furthermore, this is one of the most important ways through which Green Card can be obtained.

Family reunification can refer to parents, spouses and children, however, the fiancé visa also enters this category, as long as the US and Swedish citizens can prove their long-term relationships. In case you are a Swedish citizen and need to apply for a spouse visa, our immigration lawyers are at your disposal.

People who want to immigrate to USA from Sweden must also know that in this case their relatives will act as their sponsors, and they must submit proof of being capable of sustaining the foreign person until he or she finds employment or starts obtaining income from other legitimate sources.

Moving to USA is not complicated as long as all the procedures are correctly followed. If you decide to Miami, our lawyers here can be your guide.

Finding a place to stay in USA

Swedish citizens who relocate to USA from their native countries must consider having a place to stay once they obtain their visa interview approvals. Those who choose to move to Miami can find studios, apartments, or even small houses that can suit their needs based on the number of family members relocating.

Our law firm in Miami can offer support with the immigration procedures (from tourist visas to spouse visas for US), as well as guidance in finding a suitable place to stay and the formalities for renting or buying a property. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need other information on moving to USA from Sweden.

Assistance in moving to USA from Sweden

Moving from one country to another can be a complicated process even for those who are used to traveling and who know the cultures of other populations very well. For those who want to move to USA from Sweden, our immigration law firm in Miami can act as a liaison with the authorities when applying for various visas.

We can help with the preparation, verification, and submission of all papers that need to be filed with the US immigration offices. We can also advise on the interview and how to prepare for relocation once the visa has been granted.

Immigrating from Sweden to USA is not complicated, however, once established here the immigrant must also register with various authorities. For example, those who want to live in Miami, Florida, need to register with the Department of Revenue of this state.

If you decide to move to USA from Sweden and use our services, you can rely on the full support of our law firm.

Foreign citizens living in the USA

At the level of 2020, the United States was the country with the largest number of immigrants in the world. Statistics indicate that:

  • 40 million of the people living in the US were born in another country;
  • they represent 1/5th of the world’s entire migrant population;
  • at the level of 2020, immigrants accounted for 13.7% of US population;
  • the highest number of immigrants in the US was registered in 2018 when there were 44.8 foreign citizens here.

If you want to move to USA from Sweden and need assistance, our US immigration lawyers can help you. Do not hesitate to contact us for information and assistance in applying for the selected visa.