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Naturalization Requirements in Miami

Naturalization Requirements in Miami

Naturalization is the process through which a person who was not born in the US willingly becomes a citizen of the country. If you are not looking to become a US citizen, you can apply to live in this country with different visas.  We can help you apply for USA citizenship.

Requirements of naturalization in Miami

Depending on each person’s individual situation, there are different naturalization requirements in Miami that have to be met according to the United States Code (USC). However generally speaking, there are 10 conditions for the US naturalization:

1.    The person who submits the application for the naturalization has to be at least 18 years of age at the date of the request;
2.    The candidate has to be a permanent resident (have a Green Card) for minimum five years. If you need to know more about how to obtain a Green Card, you can speak to one of our immigration lawyers in Miami.
3.     The applicant has to prove he or she has resided continuously in the US for minimum five years immediately prior to the naturalization request date;
4.    He or she must demonstrate that he or she has been physically present in the US for minimum 30 months out of the five years immediately prior to the application date;
5.    The candidate has to prove that he or she has resided for minimum three months in the state or the USCIS district where he or she applies;
6.    The applicant has to be an individual of good moral character;
7.    He or she has to prove attachment to the standards and ideals of the US Constitution;
8.    The person who applies for the naturalization must be able to read, write and speak essential English. Our immigration attorneys in USA can provide further advice on this matter.
9.    The candidate must have a fundamental understanding of the US history and civics.
10.    He or she has to make the oath of allegiance to the US.

You can also rely on us for assistance in obtaining a residence permit in USA.

Rights and Responsibilities of US Citizens in Miami

If these naturalization requirements in USA are met, the candidate can become a US citizen. Citizenship is the common trait that unites all Americans. Here is a list of rights and responsibilities that all US citizens have to enjoy and respect. Some of these responsibilities are legally requested from each citizen, however, all of them are crucial in order to maintain the country a free and thriving nation. 


•    Freedom of expression;
•    Freedom of free worship;
•    The right for a timely and fair trial by jury;
•    The right to vote in elections for public representatives;
•    The right to submit an application for federal employment requiring US citizenship;
•    The right to run for voted office;
•    Freedom to follow “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”.

We can also advise on how to obtain US citizenship.

Knowing both the rights and responsibilities is essential if you plan to immigrate to US from Canada, for example.


•    Sustain and defend the US Constitution;
•    Keeping oneself up to date with the issues which affect the community;
•    Take part in the democratic process;
•    Obey and value federal, state and local legislation;
•    Respect the rights, beliefs and opinions of other people;
•    Take part in the local community;
•    Disburse income and other taxes sincerely and timely to federal, state and local authorities;
•    Be part of a jury if required;
•    Defend the country if needed.

Our immigration lawyers in Miami can give you more information on the naturalization process in the US. If you need to know more, please contact us. Do not hesitate to inquire about the residence permit in USA.