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Obtaining a Permanent Residence in Miami (Employment-Based)

Obtaining a Permanent Residence in Miami (Employment-Based)

Persons who want to relocate to Miami, United States of America (USA) should know that they are entitled to obtain a permanent residence here under several conditions. Foreigners interested in receiving a permanent residence can also obtain such a permit if they have received a job offer in the USA, which can increase the chances of approval, as the individual has more credibility if a local employer is involved. If you are interested in obtaining a permanent residence based on employment, our immigration lawyers in the USA can provide you with assistance on this matter. 

The main steps for obtaining employment-based permanent residence in Miami are also available in the video below:

Employment-based permanent residency in Miami

Immigrants relocating to Miami, USA can obtain an employment based permanent residency from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, a statutory body which can issue a limited number of such permits. It is advisable to receive the legal assistance provided by our experienced immigration attorneys in Miami, as the process of obtaining the visa can be rather complicated.

Immigrants applying for this type of permit (which is also known as the American Green Card) can have a competitive advantage over other types of immigrants, as the employment based permanent residency certifies that no other American citizen was suitable for that certain job and, as such, the foreign person is considered to be an asset for the local society, by providing high-quality services. 

This is also a way to obtain USA citizenship and it can be the first step for those who wish to immigrate to the US from Canada, for example.

Types of employment-based visas in the USA in 2024

Although the employment-based visa can offer an advantage to the applicant, foreigners interested in receiving such a document should know that the government provides 5 types of permanent residency work-based visas, issued according to the level of preference expressed by the local authorities, meaning that the holders of the first type of visa are required more in the American society

•    EB-1 visa, issued for exceptional persons with valuable results in the fields of education, sports, business and arts;
•    EB-2 visa, issued for persons with advanced degrees and at least 3 years of experience in their respective field;
•    EB- 3 visa, issued for individuals who have completed their bachelor studies; 
•    EB- 4 visa, issued for a special category of individuals, including employees working for religious institutions; our immigration attorneys in the USA can provide you with a detailed presentation on this visa;
•    EB- 5 visa, issued exclusively for investors who can create new jobs on the American market

We can guide you in applying for a residence permit in Miami in 2024. It can also be obtained by other means, such as marriage. If you want to apply for a US spouse visa, you can rely on our immigration lawyers in the USA. We can advise on the documents to draft and file, as well as the requirements your American spouse needs to meet before welcoming you. It is also useful to note that immigration through this pathway is a good option for those interested in gaining permanent residency in a short period of time compared to other types of visas.

The American employer-sponsor of the foreign national

The foreign national who has received a job offer in Miami, U.S., can be sponsored by his or her employer in the process of becoming a permanent resident. In order for this to be completed, the employer will be required to obtain an Application for Permanent Labor Certification, a document which is issued by the United States’ Department of Labor

Only after the employer receives the document, the procedure can continue by filing the Form I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker at the USCIS. It is important to know that the application must be completed by the employer of the foreign national who has received a job offer in Miami, U.S. After this, the applicant can also obtain a residence permit in the USA.

By filing the above-mentioned documents, the American authorities will understand that there is a real intent for the respective foreigner to be employed in a local company. Also, this legal step will show that the future employee is qualified to obtain the respective job, providing him or her a competitive advantage in front of other persons who have also applied to obtain an employment-based permanent residency

It is also necessary to mention that the application procedure may differ depending on the visa category under which the future employee qualifies. For example, in the case of the EB-1 visa, the employer will only be required to file the Form I-140

On a yearly basis, USCIS can issue up to 140,000 employment-based immigrant visas. We are at your service if you want to immigrate to the USA from the UK.

Why move to the USA in 2024?

Foreign citizens who plan to apply for employment-based green cards in Miami in 2024 need to prepare various documents, among which a valid work contract is one of the most important. Even so, this is one of the safest ways through which a person can move here.

If you plan to relocate to Miami in 2024 and are interested in obtaining a residence card based on employment, you can rely on our specialists. Feel free to send us any questions you might have.

We are also at your disposal with the latest information on how to obtain Miami residency based on employment at the level of 2024.

Changes in employment-based immigration programs

The content and format of Form ETA-9089 and Form I-9, which are used by businesses to verify employment, underwent program-level modifications in 2023. Proposed and anticipated in 2024 are significant modifications to the H-1B and F-1 programs, as well as to the processing of domestic visas.

A revised version of Form ETA-9089 is now available on the Foreign Labor Application Gateway (FLAG) platform as of June 1, 2023. In order to improve protracted DOL processes, the new Form ETA-9089 and the switch to the FLAG platform are intended to optimize the permanent labor certification process by streamlining its operations and boosting efficiency. On December 21, 2023, the State Department published a notice in the Federal Register confirming the launch of a pilot program for the renewal of stateside visas. Starting with holders of H-1B visas, the State Department will permit 20,000 participants to renew their visa stamps within the country, obviating the need to travel outside to apply at an American embassy or consulate.

The famous educational immigration route is one of the popular fast and simple immigration routes to the United States. This is a popular approach used by those who desire to immigrate quickly to the United States. You can study at the top college or university in the US and earn a degree there with a student visa at the level of 2024.

If you need further information on the employment-based permanent residency visa, please contact our immigration law office in the USA, which can assist your case. Our lawyers can also help you obtain other types of visas, for example, the spouse visa or US citizenship.