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S Visa for the U.S.

S Visa for the U.S.

The S visa for the U.S. is a non-immigrant visa granted to individuals who have helped a law enforcement agency in the role of an informant or witness. The request for permanent residence for an S immigrant visa holder can be effectuated only by a federal or state law enforcement agency or an Attorney’s office in the U.S. The members of the S visa holder’s family could also receive green cards. The green card is also known as a residence permit in USA.

You can rely on our immigration lawyer in USA for support in applying for this visa.

Eligibility for the S visa for the U.S.

The number of S visas issued in the U.S. is limited, currently being limited to 200 S visas per fiscal year. There is an additional number of 50 such visas per fiscal year which are issued for individuals who are able to deliver important and reliable information on terrorist organizations. 

The S visa for the U.S. is usually granted for foreign citizens who are otherwise deportable from or inadmissible in the country. This type of visa is obtained mainly by witnesses or informants who are not safe in their own countries of residence. It is an important advantage also for individuals who may not be able to enter or reside in the U.S. by other means. However, this visa cannot be used to obtain USA citizenship.

Our immigration lawyers in the US are at your disposal with details on the eligibility criteria. We can also help you apply for L-S-1 for relocation to the USA.

We can also help you apply for a US Green Card. Sponsorship is one of the ways someone can get a green card if their company will apply for labor certification and then sponsor them for immigration. In the long run, green cards may be awarded to H-1 visa applicants who have specific occupations, which is why you can rely on our lawyers who can help with the application process.

Application process for the S visa for the U.S.

The application for the S visa for the U.S. can be effectuated by State, Federal or local law enforcement agencies or a court. 

In order to apply for the S visa for the U.S. on a foreign citizen’s behalf, the sponsoring law enforcement agency has to:

•    complete an I-854 Form;
•    fill in a worksheet arranged by the Office of Enforcement Operations (OEO);
•    complete the additional documentation as stated in the above-mentioned forms. Our immigration lawyers in Miami can provide more information on what these documents may consist of. They can also help you obtain any type of visa, from investment visa for Miami to a spouse visa. This visa can be used to acquire USA citizenship.

Restrictions for the S visa holders in the U.S.

S visa holders do have certain restrictions when they live in the U.S. These restrictions are:

•    Reporting to the Attorney General every three months on their location and endeavors;
•    The visa holder must not be convicted of an offense which is carrying a punishment of one or more years of imprisonment;
•    He or she has to agree not to contest a deportation order;
•    Agreeing to any other restrictions on their stay as imposed by the Attorney General.

Please contact our Miami immigration lawyers for further guidance and assistance on this type of visa and on the residence permit in USA.