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Special Immigrant Juvenile Status in Miami

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status in Miami

Children from the U.S. who are born from foreign citizen parents and who are abused, neglected or abandoned by both or one of their parents can qualify for a green card in the U.S. (lawful permanent resident status). This is named Special Immigrant Juvenile (SIJ) status.  Our US immigration law firm can also advise on how to obtain USA citizenship.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Special Immigrant Juvenile Status in Miami

The main advantage of the SIJ status in Miami is that it enables a child to reside inside the U.S. with the green card status. A person who is a green card holder in the U.S. can reside in the country, work and live in it without restrictions, provided that he or she follows a special set of rules. After becoming a U.S. citizen, the individual who applied for the SIJ status can petition for a green card for his or her sisters and brothers.

The disadvantage of the SIJ status in Miami is that the child is never able to sponsor either one of his parents for immigration purposes in the future, even if the child later becomes a citizen of the U.S.

You can also rely on our immigration lawyers in Miami for applying for an investment residence permit in USA. For an investment of at least USD 500,000 or USD 1 million in designated high unemployment or rural areas of the nation one can become eligible for an investor visa for the United States. It’s also important to be aware that the number of people who can enter the US using this form of visa each year is limited. Our lawyers can provide you with comprehensive advice on how to apply for it.

Qualification criteria for the SIJ status in Miami

In order to qualify for the SIJ status in Miami, the child has to meet the following criteria:

•    The child has to be under 21 years of age;
•    He or she is not married;
•    The child is reliant on the family or the juvenile court, or is placed in custody of an agency, state department, person or entity assigned by a state or juvenile court;
•    Reintegration with one or both of the child’s parents is not appropriate because of abuse, abandonment, neglect or a similar reason established under the state law; and
•    It would be against the child’s interest to be returned back to his or her country of origin.

Even though the process of obtaining these status in Miami is a quite complicated one, it can be rewarding and helpful for young individuals because it enables the green card status. As a holder of a residence permit in USA, a person can in due course become a citizen of the U.S. as soon as he or she meets the required conditions. The advantages can be great, however, the special immigrant juvenile process in Miami can be intricate and it implies certain risks, so analyze your situation carefully and get competent advice from qualified immigration lawyers in Miami.

For a consultation on how to obtain USA citizenshipcontact one of our USA immigration attorneys.