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Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) in the U.S.

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) in the U.S.

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) in the U.S. is a federal law in the country signed by President Bill Clinton in 1994, with additions passed in 1996. This legislation offered USD 1.6 billion for the investigation and prosecution of violent crimes against women, imposing immediate and obligatory restitution of those convicted and allowing civil redress for the cases that prosecutors chose to keep un-prosecuted. 

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Main provisions of the VAWA in the U.S.

The main provisions of the VAWA in the U.S. consist of:

•    Full funding of rape kits and/or legal court fees in connection to a protection order;
•    Victim protection orders are acknowledged and enforced on the entire territory of the U.S.;
•    Enactment and funding of special domestic violence crime units within the local communities;
•   Endowment which enables undocumented immigrants who are victims of domestic violence to apply for the U.S. permanent residence if they help law enforcement authorities to prosecute their abusers;
•    Other provisions. Our team of immigration lawyers in Miami can provide further details on what these other provisions may consist of.

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Improvements to the criminal justice response brought by VAWA in the U.S.

The VAWA in the U.S. brought several improvements to the criminal justice response, such as:

•    It enables to make rapists responsible for their crimes by reinforcing the federal penalties for repeat sex criminals and organizing a federal law that has the goal of preventing criminals from using the victims’ anterior sexual behavior against them in a rape trial. A US immigration lawyer can offer more details on this matter;
•    It rules that victims, regardless of their income, are not obliged to pay for the expense of the rape exams and for the service of a protection order;
•    Maintains the safety of the victims by enforcing a victim’s protection order to be acknowledged and enforced on the entire territory of the U.S.;
•    Makes sure that the police force answers to crisis calls and judges comprehends the aspects of domestic and sexual violence.

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