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Criminal Alien Defense Attorneys in Miami

Criminal Alien Defense Attorneys in Miami

Foreigners living in Miami, U.S., who are charged with criminal offenses are entitled to receive legal representation on the respective matters from a local lawyerOur immigration lawyers in the United States can provide in-depth assistance on the main types of criminal charges they can represent and it is important to know that even though the foreigner may have received his or her lawful permanent resident status in Miami, U.S., depending on the severity of the criminal charge, the person may risk deportation. 

Our services also include assistance in obtaining a residence permit in USA.

Main types of criminal defense for foreigners in Miami 

Foreigners interested in immigration in Miami should know that criminal charges on the American territory may result in imprisonment and even deportation. As a general rule, criminal charges related to foreigners refer to the following legal matters:

•    theft;
•    fraud;
•    extortion;
•    violence (including domestic violence);
•    assault;
• drug-related offenses;
•    driving under the influence of alcohol;
•    sex crimes;
•    murder;
•    crimes related to firearms;
•    violation of the probation requirements

Foreigners living in this jurisdiction should know that even the less serious charges may result in deportation. For example, even driving under the influence of alcoholic drinks may affect the legal status of the person. This is not applicable in the case of persons who have received the permanent residency in Miami, U.S., but, depending on the circumstances of the case, it can affect persons who are the beneficiaries of temporary visas

Our immigration lawyer in the US  can offer legal assistance for persons who are accused of committing criminal offenses and can represent them in front of a local court in USA in the situation in which the authorities have started the removal proceedings. We can also help you apply for USA citizenship.

Legal representation for criminal charges in Miami 

As mentioned above, criminal charges could result in deportation, but the decision has to be enforced by a federal immigration judge in Miami, U.S. One of the main immigration agencies available in the country, such as the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) or the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will issue a Notice to Appear through one of their representatives. Later on, the case will be presented in front of a competent immigration court, which will issue a decision, based on the applicable legislation. 

If you have questions about the residence permit in USA, you can send them via e-mail.

Our immigration attorney in USA can provide further information on the main legal aspects, depending on the particular situation of the alien. Please contact our Miami immigration lawyer for more details. You can also count on us for services such as obtaining USA citizenship.