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Immigrate to the USA from Malaysia

Immigrate to the USA from Malaysia

People who want to immigrate to the USA from Malaysia must meet certain requirements, in accordance with the reason for moving here. An important part of relocating to the United States is the processing period of the documentation, so applicants are advised to consider this step too.

Below, you can find out from our immigration lawyers in Miami how to choose the best pathway to move to the USA from Malaysia. We are at your disposal with various relocation services based on your immigrant status.

Common ways for Malay citizens to relocate to the USA

If you have decided to immigrate to the United States from Malaysia, you should know that the most employed relocation pathways for Asian people are:

  • family reunion, as Asian communities represent an important portion of all immigrants;
  • employment, which also comes with the advantage of obtaining a US Green Card;
  • the Diversity Program;
  • business relocation, which is a great option for entrepreneurs.

Feel free to discuss your options with one of our US immigration lawyers and choose the one that suits you best.

Family immigration from Malaysia to the United States

There are several ways through which you can move to the USA from Malaysia as a family member of an American citizen, namely:

  • by applying for a US spouse visa (if you are married to an American national);
  • by applying for a fiancé visa (if you are engaged to an American citizen);
  • to move in with other family members.

Before leaving Malaysia to immigrate to the US, one must submit and have authorized a petition to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). You can apply for a non-immigrant or an immigrant visa for a spouse as soon as the petition is accepted.

In the case of the K-1 visa a foreign national who is engaged to an American citizen is allowed to enter the country and wed their partner within 90 days of arriving. After initially petitioning, they must apply for this visa.

You can get in touch with our immigration lawyer in Miami for information on this method of relocation.

Employment-based immigration to the USA

If you want to immigrate to the US from Malaysia based on employment, you need to know that the procedure can imply more steps.

One of them refers to the Department of Labor which must approve a labor certification for your employer. After that, the employer files a document with the USCIS called an Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker. Individuals who have received consistent national or international recognition for their extraordinary abilities in the fields of research, the arts, education, or business are eligible to submit an EB-1A petition on their own.

If you choose this pathway to move to this country, you can count on our immigration lawyer in the United States.

The Diversity Visa

Malay citizens are also eligible to apply for the Diversity Visa (DV). This visa is based on a lottery and is intended for nationals of countries with historically low immigration rates to the US. You can participate in the DV lottery if you fulfill the program’s requirements for education and work experience. Any dependents you want to bring along must be included. Each year, more than 50,000 diversity visas are granted; but, since many people apply, this is not a guaranteed way to immigrate to the USA from Malaysia.

How many Malay citizens live in the US?

According to data gathered over time:

  • between 2015 and 2020, the number of people with Malaysian origins increased by 1,955 persons;
  • at the level of 2020, there were 20,758 Malaysians living in the US;
  • continuing to grow at this rate, their number could reach 22,713 in 2025.

For support in immigration to the USA from Malaysia, please contact us.