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Immigrate to USA from Vietnam

Immigrate to USA from Vietnam

Asians represent a significant part of the immigrant population of the United States. Among them are also Vietnamese citizens, and their number is on the rise. If you are a Vietnamese national and you are still considering immigration to the US, you have several options.

Below, our US immigration lawyers explain the main pathways through which you can immigrate to the USA from Vietnam. Once you have established the best option for you, you can get in touch with us and start the visa application procedure.

The most common immigration pathways for moving to the US from Vietnam

Vietnamese citizens usually appeal to these 3 ways of relocating to the USA:

  • employment;
  • family reunion;
  • studentship.

While these remain the most common options, if you are interested in another way of coming to this country and making a living here, you are welcome to rely on our immigration lawyers in Miami. All our services are adapted to our clients’ needs, so that you can have the best experience. For example, if you want to move to this country based on a US investor visa, our law firm can assist you.

How to relocate to the United States from Vietnam through employment

Vietnamese immigrants in the US are some of the most active participants to the labor market, at a higher rate than both the total foreign-born population and the native-born population. Getting a work visa is crucial if you want to immigrate to the USA based on employment. Your main options are:

  • the EB-1 and EB-2 immigrant work visas which result in the receipt of a US Green Card shortly after admission;
  • temporary non-immigrant work visas which include the H-1B, L-1, O-1, and E-1 visas.

However, if you enter the country on a non-immigrant visa to work and later decide you want to stay, you may be able to change your status and apply for an immigrant work visa while still in the country.

The advice of our immigration attorneys in the United States will be useful in deciding which visa to apply for. Once you get in touch with us, one of our specialists will advise you on the best way to immigrate to the US from Vietnam based on employment.

Immigrate to the USA from Vietnam through family sponsorship

The Immediate Relative and the Family Preference are the 2 types of family-based visas that Vietnamese immigrants most frequently use to obtain permanent residence or US Green Cards. The type of visa that is suitable for a particular immigrant depends on your relationship with family members who are US citizens or permanent residents.

The spouse visa for the US, for example, is one of the common options for those who are married to American nationals. However, you can also move to the United States from Vietnam if you have a parent, or a sibling already established here. In this case, the main conditions to be fulfilled fall onto the US permanent resident or citizen who will act as your sponsor.

Feel free to address any questions you may have to our Miami immigration lawyer.

How long does it take to obtain various types of US visas?

Depending on the immigration procedure you have decided to use when immigrating to the United States from Vietnam, the procedure to obtain the visa can take between 4 months and up to one year. In some cases, it may also be required to obtain various authorizations from employment agencies within the US Labor Department, for work visas, for example.

With respect to the number of Vietnamese citizens living in the US, here is some data:

  • there are approximately 2.2 million US citizens of Vietnamese descent living here;
  • more than 50% of them live in California and Texas;
  • in respect to cities, 18% of them live in Los Angeles.

If you need support in immigration to the US from Vietnam, please contact us!