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Immigrate to Miami from Ecuador

Immigrate to Miami from Ecuador

Ecuadorian citizens represent a large share of Latino immigrants who have relocated to Miami, United States of America (USA). An important part of the Ecuadorians who were interested in immigration in Miami requested U.S. visas as economic refugees and most of the citizens of this country entered into USA under tourist and work visas. At the moment, Ecuadorian nationals can request a wide range of visas, for both immigrant and non-immigrant purposes and our immigration lawyers in Miami can provide legal representation on the main documents and procedures that have to be completed for a specific visa

Immigrant visas for Ecuadorian citizens  

Most of the persons who want to immigrate to Miami are interested in obtaining immigrant visas, that will allow the applicants to spend a long period of time on the American territory and, if they want to, apply for the American citizenship

As it is the case for other foreign nationals, Ecuadorians can apply for numerous categories of immigrant visas, as presented below:

  • family- based visas;
  • fiancé(e) visa;
  • visas issued on employment – based contracts;
  • visas provided under the Diversity Visa program;
  • Returning Resident Visa

The general procedure for immigration in Miami requires that an American citizen or a person who has received the Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) status in U.S. to act as a sponsor for an Ecuadorian national. In the case of an employment visa, the American employer will need to act as a sponsor for the foreign citizen. 

The first step in this sense is started by the sponsor, who will fill an application on the foreigner’s behalf at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)Ecuadorian citizens will then have to follow the applicable regulations for the visas procedures, but it is important to know that in the case of the Diversity Visa other regulations are in force and our immigration lawyer in the US can provide further assistance on this subject. 

Special regulations for Ecuadorian LPRs  

An important immigration regulation applicable to Ecuadorians who have already obtained the LPR in Miami, U.S. refers to the birth of a child outside the American territory. If this is the case, the child of the Ecuadorian LPR holder can travel back to Miami, U.S. without a visa, but there are special rules that have to be met. For example, at the return in Miami, U.S., the child should have an age of maximum two years old and the parents are required to provide a valid birth certificate

Citizens of Ecuador can find out specific regulations on immigration in Miami depending on the type of visa they may request and it is advisable to contact our US immigration lawyer for further information and legal advice.