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Immigrate to USA from Venezuela

Immigrate to USA from Venezuela

In order to immigrate to USA from Venezuela, the citizens of the country will need to respect a set of regulations. It is important to know that, following the political and social turmoils in Venezuela, more and more citizens are interested in relocating to the United States of America, as the applications registered by the Venezuelans increased in 2016 by 168%, according to the data provided by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)Our immigration lawyer in Miami can provide legal advice related to the legal aspects on which Venezuelans can enter this country, including on how to apply for a residence permit in USA.

Types of visas for Venezuelan citizens who want to migrate to USA

As one of the countries from which it is easy to relocate to the US, Venezuela is one of the states whose citizens choose to migrate quite often. These can apply for various types of residence permits that enable them to live in the US for short or long-term with the possibility of establishing themselves here.

There are numerous types of visas one can apply when moving from Venezuela to USA, and they range from A-type to U-type visas, as it follows:

  • the A-type visas are rarely applied for by the usual citizen as these are issued for governmental officials only;
  • the B- type which are temporary residence permits and can be of interest for Venezuelan citizens;
  • E visa types with the EB-5 Investor Visa as one of the most sought by South American entrepreneurs;
  • the F visa which is available for Venezuelan students who want to study or complete their studies here;
  • the H visa which can be obtained by professionals and highly skilled migrants to the USA;
  • the K or fiancé visa which can be obtained by Venezuelan citizens who are about to get married to US residents. If you are interested in obtaining a spouse visa for the United States as a foreign national, you can rely on our law firm specialized in immigration. In this sense, you need to get in touch with as soon as possible, so that we can get the procedure started right away. You can rely on our specialists for directions on how to prepare the documents you need to file, but most importantly how to get ready for the visa interview.

If you plan to immigrate to USA under one of these visas, all you need to do is get in touch with our local lawyers and seek help for the application procedure. We also offer tailored assistance in case you find it difficult to decide on a specific type of residence permit. As a foreign national you can rely on our immigration specialists if they want to apply for a green card in the United States in 2022. Depending on where you now live, they will assist you in moving here. It is important to note that the process for acquiring permanent residency is not complicated, but you must still meet a number of requirements that our lawyers can explain.

Immigration to USA from Venezuela based on employment

Employment is one of the safest ways of immigrating to the USA and if you decide to relocate here from Venezuela you will find it easy to obtain a job considering the large community of South American citizens established here. Moreover, Spanish can be heard on every street of one of the most beautiful cities in this country.

In order to obtain an employment visa for the US, there are a few steps you need to complete first. Only after, you will be able to travel and settle in Miami. Securing a job offer and labor contract is mandatory when relocating to Miami from Venezuela through this path. This will also simplify the procedure, as part of the process must be completed by the employer. Once the US company starts the hiring process, our lawyers can help you prepare the documents you need to present to the US Embassy on your end.

We can also verify the company you are about to work with in order to make sure you are entering the country by meeting all the legal requirements.

Also, if you have any questions about other types of visas you can relocate here, you can send them to our immigration lawyers in Miami alongside the reasons you want to move so that we can make the right recommendations.

We can also advise on how to obtain an investor visa for the United States. For example, you will need to invest at least USD 500,000 or USD 1 million in unemployment or rural areas. Our lawyers can provide you with advice on how to apply for it and can help you choose an area that fits the requirements of the program.

Moving to USA from Venezuela based on family sponsorship

The number of Venezuelan citizens living in USA is quite important, which is why family reunification is one of the main pathways to come here. For this, however, you will need your relative to sponsor you.

There are several requirements to meet by you, the foreign citizen coming here, and by the sponsor, who must be a US lawful resident or citizen. The sponsor must be a close relative or even a spouse in order for the immigration petition to be accepted. Moreover, an important aspect to consider is the minimum income requirement imposed by the State of Florida.

From our experience, spousal sponsorship is one of the simplest ways of immigrating to USA from South American countries, including Venezuela. 

We can also help you apply for a Green Card in the US through family reunion. You can relocate here as a parent, spouse, or child of an American citizen or permanent resident. You can rely on our immigration specialists to assist you in filing for such a visa under the specific conditions that apply to your case.

Immigrant visas for Venezuelans in USA

Persons who want to relocate to U.S.citizens of Venezuela, should know that they can obtain a visa here if they are the direct beneficiaries of a petition issued by the USCIS, as well as by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. This is also the department in charge of verifying USA citizenship requests.

More details on the visas available for relocating to Miami from Venezuela are available in the following video:

Also, it is important to know that the American authorities can provide priority to certain categories of applicants, such as investors or workers. 

In other cases, it is necessary to receive a petition issued in USA. The petition can be obtained by an American employer, but also by a family member living in U.S

Family sponsored immigrant visas are available for Venezuelan citizens and their children. In this sense, the family members should file at USCIS Form I-130. 

The employment-based visas in U.S. can be obtained by a Venezuelan citizen if a local employer provides relevant information on the future employee. The employer is required to submit the Form I-140. Our immigration attorney in USA can offer legal assistance on the employment-based visas, but also on USA citizenship.

K visa for relocating to USA

Another type of visa available for Venezuelans refers to the K visas, which are issued for marriage purposes on the American territory. This type of visa can be obtained by foreigners who are in a relationship with an American citizen and they can apply for a K-1 visa, available for fiancées

At the same time, foreigners can also apply for K-3 visa, which is available for spouses of U.S. citizens who want to relocate to USA

Legal assistance in difficult situations for Venezuelan citizens

We are aware of the fact that not all Venezuelan citizens can migrate to USA legally, which is why for those who are here under unclear circumstances and need the help of an experienced lawyer we offer assistance in clarifying things with the authorities in charge. No matter if you have been detained with the purpose of being deported, or you simply have exceeded your legal stay here and don’t know how to proceed to prolong your stay, you can request the support of our immigration lawyers in Miami.

How many Venezuelan citizens live in the USA?

Venezuelans are the 5th largest community of South Americans in the USA, as their number started rising more and more in 2015, according to migrationpolicy.org. Based on further statistics:

  • in 2015, the number of Venezuelans moving to the US increased by 54%, when there were 256,000 citizens of this country living here;
  • at the level of 2018, there were 394,000 Venezuelan citizens living in the USA;
  • the cities of Miami, Orlando and Houston together account of 53% of the Venezuelans living in the US, while 7% of them live in New York.

Foreigners interested in finding out more details on how to immigrate to USA from Venezuela can contact our US immigration attorney. We will also help you apply for the residence permit in USA.