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Kendall Immigration Lawyer

Kendall Immigration Lawyer

Miami is not the only city a foreign citizen can move to when immigrating to the US, as it is surrounded by many towns and suburban areas. Among the latter, Kendall is one of the most appreciated places to live far from the noisy and crowded city.

If you want to move to Florida and need guidance, you can rely on our immigration lawyer in Kendall who is at your services with complete relocation packages, among which visa application support and advice on how to simplify the process of moving here. Also, if you want to immigrate to Miami, you can rely on us for the same services. You can rely on us if you want to obtain USA citizenship.

Why should one move to Kendall, Florida?

Kendall is one of the most popular suburban areas near Miami and is made of the following communities:

  • Olympia Heights;
  • Glenvar Heights;
  • Westwood Lakes;
  • Tamiami;
  • Sunset.

Foreign citizens who immigrate to Kendall can live here while working in the bustling city of Miami. This way, they will benefit from tranquil living conditions compared to other towns near Miami, such as Doral or Homestead.

If you plan on immigrating to Miami, you can rely on our lawyers who can support you with the formalities related to establishing yourself here legally.

Services provided by our Kendall immigration lawyer

Moving to Kendall will imply the same procedure as immigration to Miami, however, with the help of a local lawyer, it will be simpler to obtain support and tips on the best places to look for a place to stay and the way to get around the area while having the certainty that from a practical point of view, the paperwork and other legal aspects are handled by a professional.

Here are the main services you can obtain from our Kendall immigration lawyer:

  1. assistance in understanding the US immigration laws and types of visas related to moving here;
  2. guidance in choosing the best type of visa in accordance with the relocation reasons;
  3. assistance in document preparation and vetting for obtaining the type of visa desired;
  4. legal assistance in applying for a Green Card, spousal visa, or even US citizenship, provided that all requirements are met;
  5. support in registering with the local authorities, including obtaining a social insurance number and health insurance;
  6. legal support in litigation cases, such as visa refusals, deportation, undocumented immigration.

If you need information or assistance in other matters related to moving here or on the residence permit in USA, do not hesitate to ask for the support of our immigration lawyer in USA.

Common types of visas requested by those immigrating to Kendall

The US legislation on immigration is quite complex and choosing a specific type of visa can be difficult, however, research has shown that most foreign citizens moving to the States apply for the following:

  • employment-related visas;
  • business visas. There are no restrictions on the sectors one can capitalize in through an investor visa for USA. However, there is a condition that the investment has a safe margin of return in US-approved companies. If you want more information on the requirements associated with the EB-5 visa, please contact our immigration lawyers.
  • fiancé visas;
  • family reunification visas;
  • marriage visas.

These also offer greater chances of obtaining a Green Card and our Kendall immigration lawyer is at your service if you want to obtain any of the visas presented above. You can also rely on immigration lawyers in North Miami if you are attracted to living in a larger town.

Tailored assistance offered by our Kendall immigration lawyer

Our immigration lawyer in Kendall is at the service of foreign citizens no matter their nationalities. This service implies advice on how to choose an appropriate visa, the documents to prepare and file, and information about the fees that need to be paid in accordance with the type of visa requested. Furthermore, our immigration lawyer will offer important advice on the immigration interview.

These are just a few of the reasons why an immigration lawyer in Miami should be hired when planning to move to the US. Also, visa applicants should know that the State of Florida has its own regulations with respect to certain types of visas which is where our lawyers can help the most for a successful application.

If you have any questions about immigration to the United States, we kindly invite you to direct your questions to our specialized lawyers. We will also answer your questions on the residence permit in USA.

Living costs in Kendall

As seen above, Kendall is a suburban area near Miami which means it does not have such a large population. This means that living costs here are lower than in other towns such as Hialeah, for example.

Here is what one needs to know about Kendall:

  • it has a population of approximately 80,000 inhabitants;
  • the average value of property here is 416,000 USD;
  • the median rental value is 1,200 USD, a little above the national average;
  • the average annual salary is a little over 70,000 USD.

For assistance in moving here, please contact our Kendall immigration lawyer who can assist in various relocation matters. We can also help you apply for  USA citizenship.