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Immigrate to USA from Turkey

Immigrate to USA from Turkey

If you want to immigrate to USA from Turkey, you have several types of visas and residence permits you can apply for. Some of them will enable you to work here, others to reunite with the family, while the Green Card is issued if you want to become a permanent resident.

If you decide to relocate to US from Turkey, the first thing to establish is the duration of stay. Starting from this point, our immigration lawyers in USA can help you decide on what to do next.

Are there any special immigration programs for Turkish citizens?

There is no special immigration scheme for Turkish citizens interested in moving to the USA. However, students can enroll in the Work and Travel program that will help them if they want to migrate after completing their studies.

The USA and Turkey have a partnership through which Turkish companies can facilitate this exchange program. A Turkish citizen will obtain a B-2 tourist visa under which he or she can work for a maximum of 4 months for an American employer. The usual period is May 15th to October 1st while also traveling and sightseeing.

This program is a great opportunity for those who want to immigrate to the United States from Turkey from several points of view, among which:

  • they will gain experience in the American labor market;
  • having traveled here will ease their future formalities of entering the country;
  • they can make sure the lifestyle here fits their needs and demands.

While this program is meant for students, the remaining categories of immigrants can apply for other types of visas. So, if you are not a student, our immigration lawyer in Miami can advise you.

We are also at your disposal if you decide to apply for a Green Card in the USA. Our attorney can advise on when and how to start the application procedure, in accordance with the particularities of your case and country of origin. We can also help you apply for citizenship if you are already a holder of this type of card.

Steps to immigrate to USA from Turkey

Here are the main steps you should take to relocate to USA from Turkey:

  1. choose the type of residence permit that fits your profile;
  2. file the petition for the respective visa;
  3. wait for the approval of the petition and then file the requested documents for immigration with the National Visa Center (NVC);
  4. take the immigration interview and wait for your case to be evaluated;
  5. once you have been cleared, you can wait for your visa to be issued.

There are several important aspects to consider when moving to US from Turkey and one of the most important is associated with the type of visa requested. The investor visa is one of the most suitable ways of relocation.

The investor visa for the USA or the EB-5 visa implies making a significant contribution to the economy in exchange for a Green Card. Depending on the amount willing to invest and which is limited to two options, there are also other requirements to consider. So, when making such a decision, it is wise to advise our local lawyers who can help you select the appropriate type of investment.

What to consider when applying for an immigration visa as a Turkish citizen

Our Miami-based immigration law firm recommends choosing carefully the type of visa you apply for if you want to move to the USA. This aspect is important from several points of view, among which:

  • the duration of the visa processing time depends on it;
  • choosing an appropriate type of visa will increase your chances of immigration;
  • if you have family members living in the USA, a family reunion visa can be a great option as there is no cap for residence permits obtained this way;
  • choosing the Green Card Lottery is an option, however, the chances of obtaining the Green Card are lower compared to applying for an immigrant visa.

Please be advised that obtaining a residence permit for USA can take 18 months or more. This is why you can rely on our specialists for support.

Cooperation between the USA and Turkey

According to the US State Department, the relationship between Turkey and the USA dates to 1831. The latest data from 2020 indicates that:

  • in 2019, Turkey was the US’ 28th largest export market and the 32nd largest supplier of imported products;
  • Turkey ranks 7th in terms of imported liquified natural gas from the United States;
  • the trade balance between the two countries reached USD 21 billion in 2020.

If you want to immigrate to USA from Turkey and need legal assistance, contact our immigration lawyers in the United States.