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Types of U.S. Visas

Types of U.S. Visas

Individuals who want to travel or to live in Miami, USA, should know that they have to apply for a non-immigrant or immigrant visa. For the beginning, the difference between the non-immigrant and immigrant visa is that the first one allows a person to stay on a temporary basis in the country and it is a way to obtain a permanent residency or further on, the American citizenship
In the U.S., the two visa categories mentioned above contain different sub-categories and they include different types of visas

Bellow you can study the main categories of visas available in the U.S. and in case you want to know if you are eligible to apply for one of them our immigration attorneys in Miami can provide all the legal support you need.  We can also help you obtain a residence permit in USA.

Non-Immigrant Visa in U.S.

When you decide you want to travel to Miami, the purpose of the visit and other facts related to this visit will establish what type of visa is suitable in your case. In order to apply and receive the visa for Miami, U.S., you have to meet certain requirements. Later on, the U.S. Embassy will provide you with the relevant permit.

Foreigners can find out more details on the types of U.S. visas in the following presentation: 

​Below you can see the main types of visas included in the non-immigrant visa category:

•    business visa;
•    exchange visa;
•    domestic employee visa;
•    medical treatment visa;
•    tourism and leisure visa;
•    visa for person of extraordinary ability.

Foreigners wishing to visit or study in Miami, U.S., for a determined period of time can apply for one of the non-immigrant visas available under American legislation. It is important to know that the U.S. legislation prescribes more than 20 non-immigrant visas, which can be obtained after filing an application at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

Those applying for a tourist visa in Miami, U.S., will need to establish an interview with the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in the country of origin, but also to provide details on the respective trip, as well as an evidence stating the departure from the U.S.

In case you want to apply for asylum in Miami, US, our team of lawyers can assist you in this matter. We can also help you obtain a green card in Miami, which is also known as a residence permit in USA.

Immigrant Visas in U.S.

This kind of visa refers to individuals that have one purpose only – to immigrate to the USA. Usually, the immigration is supported by a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident who is in connection with the person who wants to immigrate (relative, employer, etc). 

Our immigration lawyers can assist you with personalized recommendations in case you intend to immigrate to Miami.

The most important categories of immigration visas are: 

•    family-based visas;
•    employment-based visas (including employment visas category and investor visa);
•    inter-country adoption visas;
•    special immigrant visas.

One of the ways in which foreigners can apply for becoming permanent residents in Miami, U.S., refers to obtaining a family-based visa, which can be issued only for the persons who have relatives living in the United States of America. In case you want to obtain a spouse visa for US, our team of attorneys is ready to assist you.

The visa is applicable only in the situation in which the applicant has a close relative living in USA who has received the permanent residency in Miami, or who is an American citizen by birth (or has received it through naturalization process). 
Accordingly to your need, our immigration lawyers in Miami can offer legal support in order to obtain a non-immigrant or immigrant visa.  They can also help you obtain a transit visa for the US.

Depending on the particularities of your case, our immigration attorneys in the United States will offer you personalized assistance in order to simplify the entire process of obtaining your permit for staying or visiting Miami. Through immigrant visas, applicants can also obtain USA citizenship.

If you have relocated through a spouse visa for the USA and are planning your future steps toward becoming a permanent resident, do not hesitate to enquire with our immigration lawyers on the procedure you need to complete. We are at your disposal with information and support in filing the necessary documents provided that you meet the Green Card eligibility conditions.

The most sought types of visas for the USA

As seen above, US visas are divided into two important categories and are created for those who want to stay in the country for limited periods of time, respectively for those who want to relocate here permanently.

One of the main reasons for this large number of visas is that the US Government is seeking to provide immigrants with specific residence permits that suit their needs and purposes in the country.
Because of the vast number of US visas available, some applicants find it difficult to choose the suitable type for them which is where one of our immigration lawyers in Miami can help.

Out of all these visas, the following are the most sought:

  1. work visas which are often associated with the idea of obtaining permanent residence in the USA,
  2. fiancé visas which can be obtained by those who want to bring their future spouses to the US,
  3. spouse visas which are also quite sought by foreign citizens married to American ones,
  4. investor and entrepreneur visas which are requested by those seeking to do business and relocate to the US permanently.

When it comes to applying for certain visas, it should be noted that in some cases, state regulations apply. For example, when seeking to sponsor a spouse, fiancé, or another family member to enter the US, each state has its one income requirements for the American citizen or permanent residence providing housing to the immigrant.

If you want to move to the US and plan to live in Florida, our immigration law firm in USA can advise on the best pathway. This also applies to those who want to sponsor family members to relocate with them. The most sought types of visas are those under which USA citizenship can be accessed.

Temporary work visas for the US

Foreign citizens who want to immigrate to USA or other large cities in the US usually decide to apply for temporary work visas in order to see if they can get used to the lifestyle here. There are several types of US visas available for temporary workers, among which:

  • the H1B visa which can be obtained by highly-skilled migrants in specific domains,
  • a subcategory of the H1B visa is the H1B1 visa for Chilean and Singapore citizens,
  • the H-2A and the H-2B visas which can be obtained by seasonal workers in the agricultural sector, respectively non-agricultural industries,
  • the H-3 visa which can be obtained by trainees,
  • the L1 visa which is available for managers and executives under intracompany transfers.

There are also other types of visas for temporary workers in various fields, among which sports and culture, religion, and media.

If you want to apply for one of the visas mentioned above in order to relocate to Miami, you can rely on our law firm.

How to obtain a business visa for US

The United States is one of the most appealing countries in the world when it comes to business opportunities which is why one of the most requested types of visas is the business visa. Also known as the B visa, it has two categories under which it can be obtained:

  • the first one, the B-1 visa which is also known as the visitor visa;
  • the second one, the B-2 visa which is issued for medical treatment.

This is a short-term stay visa which is why it is issued for these purposes. However, most of the time, the B-1 visa is requested by businesspersons who need to come to the US for meetings, conventions, and conferences or for signing contracts.

The B-2 visa, on the other hand, can be requested by those who come for tourism, medical treatments and other social services. It is also possible for the two types of visas to be combined and one sticker under the form of a B-1/B-2 visa is applied on the passport.

The business visa enters the non-immigrant visa types in the US, and it comes with various requirements. Among these:

  • a clear statement of the reason for entering the United States;
  • information on the duration of stay in the country;
  • proof of having sufficient funds for the period staying in the USA;
  • proof of foreign residency in order to demonstrate one can return to the original place of stay.

When it comes to the documents that need to be prepared, these include the valid passport, the Electronic Application Form (DS-160), a recent photograph.

If you are interested in visiting or starting a business in Florida, our immigration lawyers in Miami can advise on how to obtain this type of visa.

Types of visas for special categories of workers in the US

The US visa system can be quite complicated because of the variety of permits enabling foreign citizens to enter the country. Some of these were created for special categories of workers coming to fill the demands for various professions.

This is the case of:

  • au pair;
  • transitional workers;
  • intra-company transferred employees;
  • employees of international organizations;
  • free trade agreement professionals.

Some work visas are issued only to citizens of certain countries. This is the case of the free trade agreement professionals who can enter the US under the H-1B1 visas from Singapore and Chile.
Another type of visa for citizens of Mexico and Canada is the TN/TD visa issued under the NAFTA Treaty and which is issued to professional workers.

Australian citizens can also enter the US under a special visa type – the E3 visa that is issued under the Australia – US Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA). This is a special category of visas available for highly-skilled Australian citizens coming to work in the US. This type of work permit is capped at 10,500 visas per year.

The L visa is issued for foreign workers who are detached or transferred to a subsidiary or branch office of a foreign company in the United States. The main requirement for obtaining this type of US visa is for the employee to have been working for the company approving the transfer for at least 1 uninterrupted year out of a total of 3 years. Also, he or she must hold an executive or managerial position within the company or be a specialist in his/her field.

Among the aspects that need to be considered when applying for a work visa the most important is that for some these specific certifications from the US Labor Department are required. The approval must be obtained by the US employer. Also, some visas are issued in a limited number per year, which is why before applying it is very important to find out all the requirements and details on the respective visa. It is just as important to verify the eligibility criteria.

For such aspects and other details, our immigration law firm in the United States can offer tailored consultancy based on the particularities of the application.

The US Green Card – the most sought type of visa

By far, the most requested type of US visa is the Green Card. This is the equivalent of a permanent residence permit in other countries, such as European ones.
There are several ways to obtain a Green Card and among these are:

  • employment,
  • the Green Card Lottery,
  • family-based immigration,
  • business immigration.

Many foreign citizens choose to enter the Green Card Lottery which enables them to participate in a raffle and hope they are elected to become permanent residents of the US.

The procedure of obtaining a Green Card for Miami, for example, implies a few steps to complete, among which:

  • submitting the papers of an initial visa,
  • waiting for the papers to be processed and accepted,
  • applying for the Green Card.

Additionally, those who immigrate to Miami under an employment-based Green Card must also wait for the company hiring them to obtain a Labor Certification.

Once the Green Card has been obtained, the immigrant has various rights, and one of the most important refers to the fact that he/she can become eligible for US citizenship.

The US immigration laws are very strict which is why when a person is interested in moving here permanently it is advisable to seek appropriate advice. Our immigration lawyers in USA are at the service of those who need assistance in moving and obtaining a residence permit in USA as soon as possible.

What happens if I am rejected the visa application?

For several years now, US visa application procedures have been streamlined which has enabled many foreign citizens to relocate to this country. However, there are case in which a person can be denied access to the United States.

In such cases, our immigration lawyer in Miami is at the service of those who need specialized guidance. The first step would be to verify the application procedure and the documents filed with the US immigration authorities to check for inconsistencies. Also, verifying if the client has applied for the right type of visa is important, as in some cases specific requirements may apply. Together with the candidate, our lawyer will prepare a new application and submit it.

We are at the service of those who plan to immigrate to USA from UK.

Immigration statistics in the US

According to recent data, the number of foreign-born individuals in the US in 2018 was 44,8 million, which is one of the highest of all times. Apart from this:

  • the same year, immigrants accounted for 13.7% of the country’s population,
  • 77% of the immigrant population lives in the US legally,
  • in 2017, 45% of the immigrant population was naturalized,
  • in 2017, 27% of the immigrants were Green Card holders, while only 5% of them were temporary residents,
  • in 2019, around 800,000 foreigners applied for citizenship in the US,
  • more than 1 million immigrants enter the US every year.

If you need assistance in your visa process, please contact our team of immigration attorneys in Miami.