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Marriage Interview in Miami: What to Expect

Marriage Interview in Miami: What to Expect

marriage interview will be held in Miami in the case of U.S. citizens marrying foreign persons. The interview will be held by a USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) representative, who will verify the validity of the respective relationship. As a general rule, the interview will consist of a discussion in which both spouses will attend, but in various cases, the spouses may be asked to participate in separate discussions. In this case, the spouses will be asked the same questions, thus testing various facts on the relationship. Our immigration lawyers in Miami can offer in-depth legal assistance on the main procedures that can occur during a marriage interview

Main aspects of a Miami marriage interview 

The marriage interview is generally held when one of the spouses, who is a foreign national, is interested in matters related to US immigration

In this case, the interview will take place because the American spouse will petition for the other spouse to apply for permanent residency in Miami. During the interview, the U.S. representative will require various documents that can attest the validity of the marriage and aspects related to the relationship of the parties. Such documents could refer to birth certificates, bank accounts, bills and many others. 

The video below offers more details on the aspects of a marriage interview in Miami:

It is important to know that in certain cases the interview may be recorded or videotaped. 

As a general rule, couples applying for a marriage interview will both participate at the same discussion. The separate interview is usually employed when USCIS will need further evidence on specific aspects of the relationship. Our immigration lawyer in USA can offer further information on this matter. 

Information discussed during the marriage interview in Miami  

marriage interview in Miami will generally last for approximately 30 minutes, but it may also last around 90 minutes, in the situation in which various aspects are not very clear for the immigration agent

Persons participating in a marriage interview will be asked personal questions related to the place and the moment when they have met, the moment when they decided to live together or on the profession and degrees each person has. 

The participants will also be questioned related to each other’s family (name of parents, number of brother or sisters, the last visit at the parent’s home or the area in which they live). 

Our immigration attorney in Miami can provide more details on other aspects that can be discussed during a marriage interview. Please contact our US immigration lawyer for further information on this subject.