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Move to USA from Italy 

Move to USA from Italy 

Foreign citizens who want to immigrate to the USA can obtain plenty of benefits if they decide to remain here for undetermined periods of time. The same applies to those who want to move to USA from Italy and who have several legal ways through which they can obtain permanent residency and citizenship after meeting all the necessary requirements.

Italians have been migrating to the US for many years now, and those who want to keep up with tradition and have family members established here can do that with the help of our immigration lawyers in Miami. Below, we explain how we can help them.

How to relocate to the USA from Italy simply and easy

When discussing immigration, every person will seek the simplest way of achieving that. This is also the case of those who want to move to USA from Italy and who can appeal to the following types of visas:

  • one of the simplest ways of immigrating here is by employment;
  • Italians with family members already settled in the US can resource to family immigration;
  • the spousal and/or fiancé visa is also an option for Italian who are married/engaged to US citizens;
  • business immigration through the EB-5 visa and its alternatives are also possible. A direct EB-5 investment entails starting your own business in the US or buying an established one. You will be required to make a larger investment—at least twice as much—because the investment is outside the TEA that USCIS has permitted. Furthermore, you need to demonstrate that your investment or business directly produced at least 10 new jobs, and you need to play a direct part in the business through the investor visa in the USA.

Moving to US from Europe is not complicated, and when it comes to Italian citizens also benefit from the Visa Waiver Scheme under which they can freely travel to the US and decide if this is the country they see themselves living in.

Our immigration law firm in USA is at the service of Italian citizens who want to move to the USA and take their chance in one of the greatest cities of this country. Our attorneys can help you obtain the right type of visa for your situation, for example: the tourist visa, the business visa, the  US spouse visa.

Our immigration attorneys can assist you if you want to sponsor your life partner to get a spouse visa for the US. There are two options available to Americans who want to bring their wives or husbands to the country in terms of the visas their spouses need to apply for. These are divided into non-immigrant and immigrant visas that come with their own requirements.

How to move to USA from Italy through employment visas

One of the ways through which most Italian citizens decide to relocate to the US is employment. For this purpose, they need to obtain a job offer and an employment contract which will facilitate their moving here.

The main advantage of choosing employment is that the applicant can obtain a Green Card which is the equivalent of the Italian permanent residence card. Moreover, the successful applicant will also be able to move to the United States with the spouse and children.

The procedure can take up to a few months, as there are various approvals that need to be obtained, which is why those who decide to use the employment-based Green Card for immigrating to the USA from Italy can use our services and rest assured of a time-friendly process.

How to move to the US from Italy when having family members here

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous Italian families that live in the USA, most of them in large cities.

This is one of the main reasons for which it is possible for those who want to move to US from Italy to use family immigration as the main way of settling here. In this case, the main advantage is that there is no limitation on the number of residence cards issued by the US authorities, however, the persons living here must comply with specific requirements that will enable them to sponsor their Italian relatives.

If you want to relocate to the USA based on family sponsorship, our immigration lawyer in Miami can provide all the details. We kindly advise you to request such information in due time, as obtaining a residence permit can take up from a few months to more than one year.

You can also rely on our US immigration lawyers for support in obtaining residency. Also known as the US Green Card, this is one of the most desired documents by immigrants. Contact our specialists for a tailored consultation and let us help you make your dreams come true by coming to live in one of the most developed countries in the world.

Immigrating to the USA from Italy as a businessperson

Italians are well-known for their entrepreneurial spirit, which is why one of the best ways they can use to move to the USA is by investment. They can obtain the EB-5 investor visa under which they are required to invest at least 50,000 USD in a local business.

Italian citizens can also use the Treaty Trader Investor visas (E-1 and E-2) based on which they can immigrate to the United States.

Those who want to move to USA from Italy as businesspersons must be prepared not only for the immigration procedure but also on what it implies to run an enterprise here.

Our immigration lawyer in the United States can offer valuable information on all the regulations applicable to investors.

Italians living in the United States

The Italian community is quite large, as at the level of 2020 there were around 15.7 million citizens of Italian descent living in the USA, according to statistics. Moreover:

  • Italians started immigrating to the USA in 1820;
  • by 2004, there were more than 5.5 million Italians living in the USA;
  • New York is home to the largest community of Italian-Americans, while Philadelphia is the home to the 2nd largest community of Italians living here.

If you want to move to US from Italy and need support, do not hesitate to contact our immigration lawyers in Miami. We are at your service with various services.