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Moving from Netherlands to USA

Moving from Netherlands to USA

Foreigners who decide to immigrate to USA from other countries must first decide on a suitable residence permit that enables them to establish themselves here in good conditions. This is also the case of people interested in moving from the Netherlands to USA. Luckily, there are two ways they can move here and obtain residency. The Green Card is the document they need to obtain, and it can be issued based on employment or family reunification.

Below, our immigration lawyers in USA explain all the options available for those who want to relocate to US from the Netherlands and procedures attached to the selected residence permit. You can rely on us for support in various types of immigration matters.

Immigration options for Dutch citizens

When choosing a residence permit to use to move to the USA, an immigrant must decide if he or she is interested in temporary or permanent residence. In the US, the residence permit is known as a Green Card and comes with access to numerous facilities. So, as a Dutch citizen, one must choose the type of Green Card he or she wants to apply for.

There are also other options for people interested in moving from the Netherlands to the United States, however, these are conditioned by various requirements. These are:

  • relocation through family reunification (there are several types of visas available);
  • sponsorship from the spouse or fiancé who must be an American citizen;
  • investment which implies having sufficient funds to inject in a local business.
  • the Green Card Lottery is also often used by many European citizens who want to live in the USA.

If you are not sure about the best option for you, you can rely on our immigration lawyer in Miami for tailored consultancy. Together you can find out the type of visa that matches your desires and qualifications.

If you want to immigrate to USA from the Netherlandsour specialists can help you draft out all the necessary documents.

Moving from the Netherlands to USA based on employment

Dutch people are known to be lucrative and skilled in various fields, which is why employment can be a good fit for those who have the necessary qualifications to meet the requirements of American employers.

Many US companies hire IT specialists from European countries, and the Dutch have one of the most talented workforces in this field on the Old Continent, which is why the employment-based Green Card can be a good solution for those who want to relocate to US.

The procedure of obtaining a Green Card this way implies:

  1. obtaining a job offer from an American employer;
  2. waiting for the employer to complete the formalities on its end;
  3. applying for the residence permit and moving to the USA.

It is worth noting that immigration based on employment is possible with family members. So, a Dutch citizen moving to the USA can bring the spouse and minor children with him or her.

Our US immigration law firm is at your service if you want to relocate to Florida. He can help you get the right type of visa for your situation, from business visas to spouse or fiancé visas for US.

Relocation based on investment

One of the options people can use for moving from the Netherlands to USA is an investment. The EB-5 visa can be obtained by entrepreneurs who want to have their own businesses. The main requirements to be met when applying for this visa are:

  • to set up or invest in a local company;
  • to create full-time jobs for American citizens;
  • to invest at least 500,000 USD in the company.

If you are planning to immigrate to US from the Netherlands under the EB-5 visa, our lawyers can offer tailored support, as it implies meeting specific requirements.

What is the fastest way of moving to USA from the Netherlands?

Without a doubt, one of the important aspects considered by those interested in relocating to USA from the Netherlands is how long it takes to obtain the desired visa and how soon they can actually move here. The procedures associated with different types of visas are not very different from one another, which is why one should be prepared to wait from a few months to a little over a year in some cases to obtain the desired residence permit because of the large number of applications.

Moving from the Netherlands to USA is not complicated, however, one must be patient and keep in contact with our lawyers in Miami who can ensure a time-friendly immigration procedure.

Foreign citizens living in USA

According to Migrationpolicy.org:

  • more than 44.9 million immigrants lived in the US in 2019;
  • out of all of them, 24% were of Mexican descent;
  • the median age of immigrants living here was 45.7 years;
  • around 78% were so well integrated that they speak English as their primary language.

If you are interested in moving to USA from the Netherlands, please contact our US immigration lawyers.