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Obtain a Nonimmigrant Visa in Miami

Obtain a Nonimmigrant Visa in Miami

Persons who want to visit or study for a determined period of time in MiamiUnited States of America (USA) can apply for a nonimmigrant visa, a document which will allow temporary residency in the state. It is important to know that this type of visa can’t lead to obtaining a permanent residency or American citizenship. The visa is used for a wide area of purposes, including employment activities in Miami. Individuals who are interested in receiving such a document can receive an in-depth presentation on the matter from our immigration attorneys in USA

Types of nonimmigrant visa issued in Miami, USA

The main regulatory body issuing American visas, including nonimmigrant visas, is the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS); it is important that there are more than 20 nonimmigrant visas available at USCIS

The following presentation offers in-depth details on the various types of nonimmigrant visas available in Miami, U.S.: 

The most representative nonimmigrant visas are the following: 

•    B2 visa – issued for family visits, for touristic purposes or medical issues;
•    B1 visa – issued for business purposes;
•    F visa – this type of visa is available for exchange students or for persons who intend to study in Miami, USA;
•    R visa – available for persons working for religious institutions;
•    J visa –  available for cultural or educational exchange; persons receiving the document can also work in the campus of the institutions for the period for which the visa is issued;
•    E visa – the visa is available for investors interested in the business market available in USA; traders have to obtain the E1 visa, while E2 visa is available for investors whose countries of origin have signed free trade agreements with USA.  Another type of visa to which foreign investors can apply to is the EB-5 visa, available only for businessmen who want to invest in American companies;
•    temporary workers interested to receive a job in Miami, USA can obtain a H, L (the L-1 visa for employee relocation), O or P visa, issued in accordance with the field of activity; our immigration lawyers in the United States can provide you with further details on the fields to which foreign workers can apply to;
•    P visa – issued for persons operating in the artistic or sports field;
•    A visa – issued for diplomatic purposes;
•    G visa – available only for the representatives of governments;
•    humanitarian visa – the visa is issued for special situations in which the assistance of persons involved in humanitarian cases is urgent; the visa can be renewed, if requested. 

Our lawyers can explain the types of visas you can obtain if you want to move to USA from UK.

USCIS visas, obtained with the assistance of our immigration lawyers in Miami 

According with the particular case of each individual, our team of immigration lawyers in the US can offer you legal advice and help you understand the process of obtaining a nonimmigrant visa from USCIS. Each type of visa requires certain documents and if you need specific details on how to apply for an American visa, please contact our team of immigration lawyers in Miami. In case you need another type of visa, for example a transit visa for the US or a spouse visa, we can assist you. We can also help you in case you want to apply for asylum in Miami.